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Course Overview

This course introduces the different types of decisions made in an organizational setting, why quantitative analytics is important, and how data quality can affect decision-making. Since quantitative analytics is used in various settings, this introductory-level course offers insight into how research is used in different sectors. Plus, from a management perspective, you’ll learn about appropriate quantitative methods and ways to ensure quality and accuracy through research design.

Skill Level: Beginner

Key Takeaways

  • Discover different decision-making models and tools.
  • Learn about the fundamental concepts of measurement, including levels of measurement, reliability and validity, errors, measurement and information bias.
  • Understand methods of ensuring the quality of data.
  • Learn data management techniques, including transforming, recoding and handling missing data.
  • Identify some biases and errors data collection may be subject to.
  • Know how to distinguish between correlation and causation.

Learning Format

This self-paced course features a mobile-friendly mix of videos, real-world case studies and games. You’ll also have access to a subject matter expert in case you have questions along the way.



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