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Innovation/New Product Development Courses

Lost in a Universe of Markets: Toward a Theory of Market Scoping for Early-Stage Technologies
Sven Molner, Jaideep C. Prabhu, Manjit S. Yadav (2019)

Making Recommendations More Effective through Framings: Impacts of User- versus Item-Based Framings on Recommendation Click-Throughs
Phyliss Jia Gai, Anne-Kathrin Klesse (2019)

Marketing in the Sharing Economy
Giana M. Eckhardt, Mark B. Houston, Baojun Jiang, Cait Lamberton, Aric Rindfleisch, Georgios Zervas (2019)

New Product Design: Concept, Measurement, and Consequences:
Homburg, Christian, Martin Schwemmle, Christina Kuehnl (2015)

Price Promotions and Popular Events
Wiebke I.Y. Keller, Barbara Deleersnyder, Karen Gedenk (2019)

Successfully Communicating a Cocreated Innovation
Helen Si Wang, Charles H. Noble, Darren W. Dahl, Sungho Park (2019)

The New Product Portfolio Innovativeness-Stock Returns Relationship: The Role of Large Individual Investors’ Culture
Paola Cillo, David Griffith, Gaia Rubera (2018)

The Temporary Marketing Organization
Allègre L. Hadida, Jan B. Heide, Simon J. Bell (2019)

Halo or Cannibalization? How New Software Entrants Impact Sales of Incumbent Software in Platform Markets
Allen, B.J., Richard Gretz, Mark Houston, Suman Basuroy (2021)

Virtual Reality in New Product Development: Insights from Pre-Launch Sales Forecasting for Durables
Harz, Nathalie, Sebastian Hohenberg, Christian Homburg (2021)

Platform Exploitation: When Service Agents Defect with Customers from Online Service Platforms
Zhou, Qiang, B.J. Allen, Richard T. Gretz, Mark B. Houston (2021)

Capturing Marketing Information to Fuel Growth
Du, Rex, Oded Netzer, David A. Schweidel, Debanjan Mitra (2020)

A Practice Perspective on Market Evolution: How Craft and Commercial Coffee Firms Expand Practices and Develop Markets
Pierre-Yann Dolbec, Zeynep Arsel, Aya Aboelenien (2022)

Innovation Imprinting: Why Some Firms Beat the Post-IPO Innovation Slump
Simone Wies, Christine Moorman, Rajesh K. Chandy (2022)

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