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AMA FAQs on Professional Marketing Certifications

AMA FAQs on Professional Marketing Certifications

ama faq on professional marketing certifications

A professional marketing certification trains you in marketing skills to fill knowledge gaps, be better at your current role, stand out from your peers, stay up to date and help advance your career. It helps you gain confidence and prove you have the skills to make an impact. 

At American Marketing Association, we offer professional certifications in digital marketing, advanced digital marketing, content marketing and marketing management that result in a Professional Certified Marketer® credential. 

A certification is an excellent addition to your resume to prove that you have the knowledge and insight to succeed in the modern marketing landscape. It is a valuable addition to any marketer’s resume and LinkedIn page!

By completing an American Marketing Association professional certification, you’ll refine your marketing expertise and establish yourself as a certified marketing professional.

For those looking to fill knowledge gaps or distinguish themselves amongst their peers or to employers, a marketing certification can serve as a powerful tool. Professionals aiming for career advancement can leverage the certification for promotions. Also, marketing certification helps you stay updated with the latest industry trends, and the knowledge gained can be immediately applied to your job.

If you complete one of the American Marketing Association’s digital marketing professional certifications, you will become dually certified with the AMA and the Digital Marketing Institute.

The American Marketing Association’s marketing certification is the best because it is a dual certification with the Digital Marketing Institute. We offer multiple levels of certifications: The Digital Marketing Pro and the Digital Marketing Expert.

Yes, a marketing certification proves that you are an expert in your chosen field. A marketing certification can help you land that next job or big promotion you are hoping for, not to mention help you hone your marketing skills for the real world.

With the American Marketing Association, you can get a certification in marketing management, content marketing, and/or two levels of digital marketing with our partner DMI, the Digital Marketing Pro and the Digital Marketing Expert.

This answer depends on what you are most interested in accomplishing in the marketing industry. The American Marketing Association offers marketing programs in marketing management, content marketing, and multiple levels of digital marketing: The Digital Marketing Pro and the Digital Marketing Expert certifications through our partner, DMI.

The digital marketing industry is a growing and lucrative field, so any professional marketing certifications are a worthwhile investment.

The American Marketing Association’s professional certification programs are as flexible as your schedule but rigorous enough to show you have stand-out knowledge to solve modern business challenges.

The American Marketing Association offers professional marketing certifications in digital marketing, marketing management and content marketing.

Our digital marketing certifications include the Digital Marketing Pro certification program, which is 30 hours of online learning, and the Digital Marketing Expert advanced certification, which is 120 hours of online learning. You can choose the digital marketing certification that is the best option for you!