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2024 AMA Winter Academic Conference

St. Pete’s Beach, FL

Unlocking Our Potential

As marketers, we have only just begun to embrace our potential. Our conference theme casts a wide lens on the many ways we, as marketing academics, can unlock our collective potential to be more impactful, more inclusive, appreciate diversity in thoughts and ideas, conduct research with a broader societal focus and embrace innovative methodological approaches to research. As we continue to explore newer topics (e.g., social media) and tools (e.g., machine learning) to address emerging challenges, a lot of work remains across domains that can benefit from our attention.

Initiatives undertaken by our AMA journals and associations over the past decade have started to shift mindsets and encourage researchers to expand their topical and methodological boundaries. These initiatives include:

  • The AMA-EBSCO-RRBM Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing and Public Policy’s Strategic Vision for Rigor, Relevance, and Inclusivity
  • Journal of Marketing’s Better Marketing for a Better World initiative
  • Journal of Marketing Research’s issue on Mitigation in Marketing

Yet we have just scratched the surface of our potential as market researchers.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2024 AMA Winter Academic Conference in St. Pete’s Beach, FL, which will demonstrate how we, as global, diverse, innovative market researchers, craft value for firms and consumers through our research on consumption, market spaces, and firm practices to effect positive change within the marketplace, the wider society and within our academy. The event will be hosted at the newly renovated Tradewinds Resort Center.

More details will be made available this Fall.

Call for Papers Opening Soon

Conference Co-Chairs

Samantha Cross

Samantha Cross

Iowa State University

Alok Saboo

Georgia State University

2024 AMA Winter Academic Conference