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  • AMA Faculty Papers and Abstract Sessions

Faculty presentations will include accepted Abstracts, Extended Abstracts and Full Paper presentations. Only Full Papers are eligible for awards. All papers will undergo a double-blind review process. The proceedings of accepted papers will be published digitally on the AMA website.

Faculty Paper and Abstract Conference Tracks

  • Marketing Education: Topics may include measuring student performance, student learning styles in classrooms, experiential learning, technology in classrooms, internships and student projects, or any other topic relating to innovation and advancement of marketing education.
  • Curriculum Development: Topics may include integration of ethics, management of technology and international issues into the marketing curriculum, integration of student interpersonal competency development, development of institutes, centers, and interest/advisory groups, AACSB curriculum, standards or any other topics relating to curriculum issues.
  • Faculty Development Issues: Topics may include faculty development and evaluation, methods of validating more broadly defined scholarly activities, integrating and balancing career obligations in teaching, research and service or any other topic relating to faculty development.
  • Best Teaching Practices: Papers on best teaching practices at the Community College/University level will also be accepted for consideration.

Submission Requirements and Template

To ensure consistency and clarity, please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your Extended Abstract for submission:

  • All Extended Abstracts must be submitted in PDF format, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font, on 8.5 x 11-inch paper with 1-inch margins.
  • Include the following elements:
    • 1. Title (in bold, all caps) 
    • 2. Author Names and University Affiliations – (avoid titles such as Dr., Mr., Ms., etc., and refrain from indicating ranks.) 
    • 3. Contact Information: Beneath the author names, provide the following statement for the lead author: 
      “For further information, please contact Lead Author’s Full Name, Title, Affiliation (Email Address).” 
    • 4. Keywords: Provide a list of 4-5 keywords.
    • 5. Description: Provide a concise one-sentence description of your paper.

Organize and format your Extended Abstract according to the following headings:

  • Lead Heading: EXTENDED ABSTRACT (bold, centered, all caps) 
  • Heading One: Research Question (bold, left-aligned, title caps)
  • Heading Two: Method and Data (bold, left-aligned, title caps) – This section is not applicable for non-empirical papers. 
  • Heading Three: Summary of Findings (bold, left-aligned, title caps)
  • Heading Four: Key Contributions (bold, left-aligned, title caps) 

Please limit your discussion under headings 1-4 to no more than 200 words.

Past ICC Faculty Proceedings