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PCC Leadership Advisors

What are the PCC Advisors, and why should my chapter care?

Well, those are two great questions! So let’s first start by defining “PCC.” The PCC, Professional Chapters Council, is a volunteer advisory group of 12 past presidents from award-winning chapters. The PCC works to develop and support the most critical to success — our professional chapter board members … aka – YOU! Members of the PCC serve professional chapter leaders by:

In a nutshell – we aim to be mentors, trusted partners, and advocates for our chapter leaders across the country, as well as liaisons between chapters and AMA Support Center.


Why is this information important to you as a chapter leader, and how can you work with your PCC Advisor?

Your PCC Advisor is there to help you – whether to brainstorm ideas, work through specific board challenges, advise on goal setting for your strategic plans, or even help navigate unexpected events. PCC Advisors are also there to celebrate and share your successes! In a community like ours with over 70 chapters across the country, it’s important to share best practices and innovative solutions so we can elevate and flex with the world around us. Your PCC Advisor is one of many ways we facilitate that idea-sharing and identification of trends.

It’s up to each chapter leader and their PCC Advisor to determine how they want to work together, but we encourage all leaders to engage throughout the year – even if it’s a quick email.


Here are a few things you can talk about with your PCC Advisor to get started:

  1. Review your strategic plan at the beginning of the year and halfway through the year. Identify chapter strengths – how can you build and leverage those? Identify chapter weaknesses and opportunities – how can you improve and set SMART goals?
  2. Talk through chapter finances and sponsorship ideas.
  3. Discuss how to keep board members, volunteers, and your marketing community engaged.
  4. Learn how to integrate DEI initiatives into your chapter goals and each committee (membership, programming, communications, etc.…).
  5. Check-in on your personal selves! It’s not always about business. We’re here to make connections and build lasting relationships too!


If you aren’t sure who your PCC Advisor is, reach out to for an introduction.