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A digital digest of news and activities within the broad-based marketing academic community, ELMAR is a free service for scholars and researchers. Most subscribers immediately identify ELMAR as the helpful curated email that is sent out each day. Supported by the AMA and a volunteer editor/curator, ELMAR is open to AMA members and nonmembers.

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History of ELMAR

At the dawn of the Internet, (early 1994), two Columbia University PhD students, Peter Palij and Carl Mela, found themselves in conversation bemoaning the fact they had missed a key conference submission deadline because they hadn’t seen the paper flyer. At that point, a light went off and Peter created an email list where marketing academics could tell each other about conferences, and interesting articles and chat about research ideas.

The first message on ELMAR was a note that Peter had seen posted to a political economy listserv. The author of the note was Hal Varian, now Chief Economist at Google. This was posted to ELMAR on either the 10th or 11th of March, 1994.

Later in the decade, the AMA began to sponsor ELMAR at the urging of Ray Fisk. Ray, who was on Academic Council at the time, was eager to ensure the survivability of the resource by putting the substantial resources and prestige behind ELMAR. Ray, along with Bart Weitz and Greg Marshall, recruited Florida State professor Charles Hofacker as moderator in November of 2002. Today ELMAR has more than 8,000 subscribing email addresses with posts distributed Monday through Friday.