How to Post


How to get your stuff on ELMAR

Normal posting is done by emailing me at or simply replying to an ELMAR email.

Posting job notices is somewhat different and requires two different steps.

1. The job document (or advertisement) must be online. You have your choice of using your university’s Web storage, a faculty member’s personal Web site, a free service like Google Disk or Dropbox or any other solution that results in a functioning URL.

2. Enter the URL for the job document, along with some other information, here:

The form asks for several data items including a Contact Email address. Note that you can use a “generic” email address (“”), as long as it is an institutional address, but you must use an actual living human being for the Contact Name.

Once you complete step 2, I will automatically receive a notice and will then be in a position to queue up your ELMAR posting. ELMAR job postings generally go out on Wednesday morning, US East Coast time. My work schedule varies from week to week but to increase your chances of getting your posting out in a particular week, you should think about finishing Step 2 by the end of the day on the preceding Friday, US East Coast time.

I would very much prefer to deal with academics rather than search agency personnel.

Please note that the ELMAR job service is distinct from the AMA’s Academic Placement service. While the ELMAR service is free, AMA Academic Placement offers additional added value to both institutions and candidates. AMA’s service runs all year, like ELMAR, but note that it is necessary for schools wishing to interview at the AMA Summer Educators’s conference to register under AMA Academic Placement. Please see

for details.