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Ed Bond

Dr. Edward Bond, Professor of Marketing and Director of the Supply Chain Institute at Bradley University, has passed away


Peter Wright

Peter Lee Wright, Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the University of Oregon, has passed away


Fred Webster

Frederick E. Webster Jr., Charles Henry Jones Third Century Professor of Management, Emeritus at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College passed away 24 May 2022


Jordan J. Louviere

Emeritus Professor of Marketing at the University of South Australia, passed away earlier this month


Arnold Barban

Arnold Barban, Professor Emeritus at University of Alabama, passed away 13 May 2022


Jim McAlexander

Professor Emeritus Jim McAlexander of Oregon State University passed away 18 Apr 2022


Frank M. Bass

POSTING TYPE: Obituaries Author: GK Kalyanaram Advertisement FRANK M. BASS (1926-2006) This profile, a tribute and a record of contributions, was composed by Gurumurthy Kalyanaram (G.K.) for ISMS College on Marketing Science in November 2021. Frank M. Bass was a leading marketing scientist and researcher, a remarkable teacher, a mentor to over 60 doctoral students, […]