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2022-2023 AMA Foundation Collegiate Scholarship Winners

2022-2023 AMA Foundation Collegiate Scholarship Winners

We’re Passionate About Building the Future Generation of Marketing Leaders.

The AMA Foundation awards collegiate scholarships to student marketers who are making an impact on their campus and in the community. Here’s a look at the 2022-2023 winners of our Social Impact and Diversity Leadership Scholarships.

AMAF Diversity Leadership Scholarship Winners

The AMA Foundation Diversity Leadership Scholarship is awarded to student leaders who serve others, inspire greatness and achieve remarkable things through empowerment and action. Students must be a member of one of the following underrepresented groups: African-American, Native American, Asian American and/or Hispanic-American.

Jason Hines

University of Tampa

“As a passionate marketer and diversity advocate, I am honored to receive this award for my dedication to promoting inclusivity in the marketing field. With a strong background in digital marketing and a commitment to driving sustainable positive change, I strive to create campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences and connect people. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to embrace diversity and make a difference in their communities.”

Samaura Steele

University of Maryland

“AMA has empowered me to accomplish my dreams, professionally and socially. As VP of Marketing of my chapter, I strive to implement DEI into each initiative that we take on. My most recent project was spearheading a presentation titled “Black-Owned Brands: Revolutionary Marketing” in honor of Black History Month. These opportunities allow me to spread the word about how marketing can be used to promote representation and challenge the status quo across industries. AMA not only accepts but celebrates diverse backgrounds.”

Skylar Sheely

Temple University

“By prioritizing diversity within our in-house consulting firm, Cherry Consulting, my co-directors and I were able to improve and embrace the diversity of members, Temple University, and the surrounding community. As my senior year approaches, I am determined to continue this mindset, bringing current members together and attracting new ones to create the ideal community with the commitment of supporting one another on personal and professional levels. Being a part of AMA has made me more passionate about DE&I, and I am determined to be a force of positive change now and post-college, presenting my own diverse perspective and creating space for others to share theirs.”

Teju Calambakkam

University of South Florida

“As Co-President of my collegiate AMA chapter, I strive to embody the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within myself and my actions, along with my chapter and my fellow peers. As a first generation immigrant woman of color, there are a lot of marginalized communities I am personally part of. From experience, I see where discrepancies are, and I have a chance to work on bettering them. Change starts from within, and I’m proud to be an initiating force with the support of AMA!”

Oriana Villalobos

Florida International University

“As an immigrant and first-generation student, I understand the challenges of navigating college. I am honored to live the college experience that many students in my situation did not have access to, and I want to be an example that success is possible. Growing up in Miami, I have witnessed firsthand the beauty of a diverse community. I believe that diversity is a strength that should be celebrated and embraced, and that everyone should have the opportunity to be heard and represented. I plan to use my education to advocate for inclusive marketing practices in the business world”

Jazmyn Blake

Texas Southern University

Jazmyn Blake actively advocates for her community and her peers by participating in organizations that uplift students and give back to the community. In the future, Jazmyn plans to open her own marketing agency, with a primary focus on small business owners in her community. Additionally, she plans to establish an endowed scholarship at TSU to support students from low-income, single-parent households after she graduates and becomes a notable alumnus.

AMAF Social Impact Scholarship Winners

The AMA Foundation Social Impact Scholarship is awarded to student members who have made a positive impact in their local, regional or larger community.

Meera Baid

Indiana University

“I am heavily involved with AMA at IU and have executed educational and social events in my positions as the DEI committee co-chair and social impact board manager since my freshman year. Receiving the Robert DeLay Social Impact Scholarship is an honor and will allow me to significantly fund a potential study abroad opportunity and give me the chance to expand my application of marketing in a foreign country and culture.”

Alan Mendez

The University of Texas at El Paso

“I am immensely proud of the astounding growth I’ve experienced through these opportunities. As president of UTEP’s AMA collegiate chapter, I am now in a position where I am trying hard to teach others what I’ve learned and help lead them onto a successful path.”

Kyle Guy Dimick

Plymouth State University

“I believe one of marketing’s greatest contributions to society is that it makes it easy to find and connect people and organizations to work toward common goals. This is how innovation happens. I plan to start a company inventing and selling products to help people with accessibility needs and fine motor issues live more independent lives. I am currently working on patenting my first invention. I hope to have it on the market at an affordable price within two years.”

Christen Smith

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“As the AMA VP of Consulting, I have worked with non profit organizations in the community. We have also been able to partner with different organizations on campus to publicize events, meetings, and more! I have utilized my marketing skills to promote back to school vaccine events at the UNLV Pediatric Clinic, emphasizing the importance of good health to the community. I also have a passion for closing the gender pay gap. I interned at a hospitality consulting firm that is owned and operated solely by women.”

Julie Kerr

Montana State University

“I spent my first two years of college feeling lost and unsure of what I was going to use my business degree for. Ever since becoming a member of the AMA and starting to work with nonprofits through my chapter, I have discovered my passion for nonprofit work and have been given the opportunity to pursue that passion in the future.”

Ryan Roubik

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Within the UWW AMA chapter, Ryan holds many positions, which include the VP of Membership and Engagement in the Sales division, an Account Executive role in the Creative Marketing Unlimited (CMU) division, and most notably, Ryan is the President of the Social Impact division. Ryan loves to make a positive impact on people and the world around him. His dedication and incredible work ethic has allowed him to grow immensely throughout AMA. Ryan is honored to receive this scholarship.

EBSCO Scholarship Winners

The AMA EBSCO Scholarship is administered by the scholarship and awards committee of the AMA Collegiate Chapters Council (CCC). It is the intention of the committee to award the AMA EBSCO Marketing Scholar Award each calendar year to deserving candidates.

Claire Cao

University of Pennsylvania

Claire joined the American Marketing Association in Fall of 2021 and has since actively participated in its Collegiate Case Competition as the UPenn team’s co-captain. With professional experience in consulting and advertising within the aviation industry, Claire hopes to continue to apply her studies in marketing and consumer behavior to her career in this field.

Steven Simpson

Johns Hopkins University

Steven is currently serving as the Vice President of Consulting for the JHU American Marketing Association Chapter, leading teams of students through client opportunities. Outside of the AMA, Steven has gained valuable experiences through internships in the digital media space and different business ventures. He is a passionate storyteller and enjoys using his knowledge to create meaningful connections and takes great pride in the positive impact of his work. Looking ahead, Steven is excited about the opportunities ahead and plans to pursue a career in consulting.

Cheyanne Arndt

University of Texas-Austin

“I joined AMA because of a consulting project with Montana Conservation Corps and got more involved as I saw the potential for marketing experience without making it another degree, or learning it in a classroom setting. Through AMA, I have been able to build valuable connections and marketing skills for professional development. These tools have been used in various roles, such as the President of the MSU Taekwondo Club, VP of Consulting for AMA’s consulting firm, and my job as a professional ski instructor.”

Stryker Buoncristiano Scholarship Winners

The AMA Foundation Stryker Buoncristiano Scholarship aims to support talented undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds and with broad skill sets who have a common desire to pursue a career in marketing.

Melody Lin

Indiana University

“For me, marketing is a type of art form. With marketing, I hope to not only be able to create promotions for companies in inventive ways, but also bring attention to social, cultural, and environmental issues. I love that the field is always changing because I can always challenge myself to find new ways to spread important stories about these issues globally. This is what makes marketing an art form because storytelling can shape the way people think about the purpose and importance behind the story. I want marketing to continue to push people to see things through another perspective.”

Lee Epstein Scholarship Winners

The Lee Epstein Scholarship aims to support talented undergraduate students with a passion for marketing in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Sarah Lynch

Canisius College

Sarah was selected for the newly introduced IMC Masterclass, which completes pro bono marketing work for real world clients in the greater Buffalo area. She is also involved as a student leader on campus in different extracurricular activities.

Gabriella Russo

High Point University

“I have always been fascinated by the world of marketing, and I am committed to pursuing a career in this field after graduation. Through my coursework and extracurricular activities, I have gained valuable experience in marketing. I am eager to continue learning and growing in the field of marketing, and I believe that this scholarship will help me achieve my goals.”

About the AMA Foundation

As our philanthropic arm, the AMA Foundation (AMAF) seeks to elevate marketing visionaries, empower future generations, inspire a more diverse industry and ensure marketing research impacts the public good.