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  • Social Media Marketing

    Integrate your social media with other channels and learn how to use strategic metrics for tracking success.

    Beginner | 3.5 Hours

    $99 for non-members | $79 for members

Course Overview

Using social media in marketing is practically a requirement in today’s highly connected digital world. But it can be confusing and complex to dive into social media marketing without some foundation in the basics. This course focuses on teaching the principles, best practices, and strategies for incorporating social media into a marketing plan.

The first module teaches the various ways that social media can be used for marketing, including defining a clear brand voice, improving reputation, and engaging with customers.

Skill Level: Beginner

What You’ll Learn

  • Define social media, name several platforms, and explain the benefits and drawbacks of using each platform
  • Create a content marketing plan that addresses audience, tone, relevance, frequency, and quality of content
  • List the spheres of reputation according to the Harris Poll and explain how social media can be used to manage each sphere of an organization’s reputation
  • Describe why and how a company should monitor social media
  • Explain various strategies for engaging with audiences via social media, and the aims of each form of engagement
  • Set social media marketing objectives that correlate to specific sales and growth goals
  • Describe how to integrate social media with mobile, email, and a hub website, and describe the advantages of doing so
  • Demonstrate the difference between organic and paid reach, and list the factors that influence reach on various social media platforms
  • Explain how to reach influencers and name at least two relevant influencers in the learner’s industry
  • Quantify the time and human capital that will be devoted to the learner’s social media marketing campaign based on his or her organization’s size

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Social Media Marketing





About Our Learning Partner

This course is hosted by our approved learning partner, MindEdge, whose mission is focused on helping adults learn the fundamentals and master the skills needed to succeed personally and professionally.

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