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  • Managing Stakeholders Through Listening

    Implement the different levels of listening and experience the value of “flipping the script” with the key stakeholders.

    Beginner | 2 Hours | 9 Modules

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Skills You’ll Gain

Listening Stakeholder Management Customer Engagement

What You’ll Learn

  • Gain insights into the strengths and challenges of building and using listening skills
  • Learn the four core competencies for listening to Customers & Stakeholders

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Managing Stakeholders Through Listening





Are you an AMA Professional Certified Marketer®️? This training is worth 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your PCM®️ certification.

About the Course

As marketers, our world revolves around people – understanding the customer, user, prospects, employee and internal stakeholder experiences. Not only does each audience group look at things differently, but each person within that audience is unique. So, how can we truly understand this wide array of perspectives and effectively communicate what is most important to them?

Enter the art of Listening. Listening is a multifaceted skill with various layers designed to comprehensively gauge and appreciate a customer’s needs and their ultimate objectives. This course will take you on a journey to understand how to implement the different levels of listening and experience the value of “flipping the script” with the key stakeholders you engage with as a marketer.

Skill Level: Beginner

9 Modules

Start the course off by learning a little about the instructor and setting the stage for what you will learn in the course.

Get in the right mindset for the course by thinking about your own experiences and why listening should be at the forefront in managing relationships.

Reframe your perspective of who your customer is and what that means in building and developing relationships.

Consider how you listen while gaining a high-level understanding of the 4 different competencies of listening before going deeper into each one.

Learn how to listen with your whole body and demonstrate that you are engaged and present in the conversation.

Learn how to listen to understand your client’s perspective and the context of the situation.

Learn how to listen for structure and the elements of the conversation to help you better frame the conversation and your responses.

Learn the 3 steps of having an adaptive conversation to listen at the deepest level.

Complete the course by taking an ungraded Knowledge Check and reviewing additional opportunities to continue learning.

Meet Your Instructors

Mark L. Vincent

Mark facilitates Maestro-level leaders, teaches introductory and core competencies courses for those seeking a professional credential and authored the book: Listening Helping Learning: Core Competencies of Process Consulting. His accumulated experience includes more than thirty-five years of pioneering various approaches to leadership and organizational capacity-building, entrepreneurship, interim executive leadership, CEO peer-based advising, and professional development and credentialing. His focus on a process approach to helping organizations and leaders live their mission has led to successful adaptive change initiatives with more than 800 clients across varied domestic and international marketplaces.

Jennifer Miller

Chief Marketing Officer and Owner of Strategically Connected

Jennifer is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and Owner of Strategically Connected. She has managed and built both sales and marketing teams from the ground up and believes that people are the core of driving change and growth in organizations and processes. Her passion for supporting companies to build scalable processes has impacted many organizations over the years, one of which received the honor of the #1 Fastest-Growing Technology company in Austin and #86 on the 2019 Inc 5000 list. In addition, the range of experience Jennifer holds in both small startup and Fortune 100 companies have given her both scalable and strategic insight into how to build an organization’s brand. Jennifer believes that every problem is “figureoutable” and she strives to help bring simplicity to complex situations.

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