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  • Managing People

    Master your managerial mindset to motivate, delegate and improve employee performance that can reflect well on not only yourself, but your business as well.

    Beginner | 5 Hours | 27 Modules

    $99 for non-members | $79 for members

What You’ll Learn

  • Discuss the role of emotional intelligence (EI) in managing
  • Discover the different factors that motivate workers and how a manager can use them to improve employee performance
  • Identify the defining characteristics, benefits and unique challenges of empowered teams
  • Explain how coaching employees is a vital part of managing in any organization
  • Discuss the challenges of discipline and how a manager should deal with such situations

Course Overview

A successful manager understands managing people, including motivating workers and coordinating their activities. This course will explain how the goals, empowerment and measurement system of management can be employed and how organization structures differ. You will also learn about the difficulty of discipline while trying to maintain productivity and momentum.

Skill Level: Beginner

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Managing People





Learning Format

This self-paced course features a mobile-friendly mix of videos, real-world case studies and games. You’ll also have access to a subject matter expert in case you have questions along the way.

Skills You’ll Gain

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Employee Engagement

About Our Learning Partner

This course is hosted by our approved learning partner, MindEdge, whose mission is focused on helping adults learn the fundamentals and master the skills needed to succeed personally and professionally.

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