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Weekly Perks
Just for Members

Every week, AMA members get access to a new perk like a training video, toolkit or exclusive content. Many of these are available for a limited time or are special partnerships, so make sure to take advantage of these benefits when you see them. 

This Week’s Perk

LinkedIn Mini-Training

The Creating Engaging Posts on LinkedIn mini-training will help you learn how to create engaging posts to drive shares, views and impressions. No matter how you’re using LinkedIn, you won’t want to miss this chance to increase post views and position yourself or your brand as a thought leader.

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Active Perks from Previous Weeks

Message Mapping Tool

Few things in marketing are as crucial as crafting an impactful message that will resonate with your target audience.

The Message Mapping Tool is a downloadable, customizable template that will help you document and assess the key messages you need to put in front of each of your target audiences.

On-Demand Purpose-Driven Brand Training

Consumers increasingly engage with authentic, purpose-driven brands by rewarding them with business, affinity, and trust. The future is clear: your brand must deliver purpose along with your product or service. 

Building a Purpose-Driven Brand is a four-hour, on-demand virtual training which will help you find the path to developing a brand that communicates its mission and purpose. As an AMA member, you get free access to this training until May 22. (It was originally $89 as a live training.)

On-Demand Content Planning Training

In a crowded digital world, effective content planning is the key to attracting the right audience, driving conversions and generating awareness.

Content Planning for 2021, is a four-hour, on-demand virtual training that will teach content planning best practices. You’ll come away with a plan you can immediately implement in your organization. 

As an AMA member, you get free access to this training until June 7. (It was originally $89 as a live training.)

Brand Perception Survey Tool

This tool will help you get started building a brand perception survey to find out where you stand in the marketplace amongst your competitors. Use it to learn how your brand is viewed, which of your brand attributes resonate with your customers and how your products and services are perceived by consumers.

Marketer’s Confidence Index Findings

The Marketers’ Confidence Index is a biannual survey that measures how optimistic U.S. marketers are about spending and growth in their organizations. As an AMA member, you get early access to this exclusive report.

Demystify Advertising ROI

Get the metrics you need to determine if your online advertising has the ROI you’re looking for with this downloadable tool. This easy-to-use calculator helps you determine your maximum cost-per-click based on the price of your product, lead conversion rate and daily advertising budget.

MarCom Objectives Worksheet

When you’re writing a marketing and communications plan, the more tools you have available to stay organized, the better. The MarCom Objectives Worksheet can help you track objectives, target audiences, desired outcomes, success metrics and more all in one place.

First Look: Marketing News Quarterly Digital Magazine

We’re excited to share with you the first issue of our new Marketing News Quarterly digital magazine. With a focus on getting content to you quicker and in an effort to become more green, we will no longer be sending print editions of Marketing News. 

Our new online-only publication is here to deliver you the same great marketing research and original content you’ve come to expect. You get member-only exclusive articles as well as the added perk of early access to other content.

In our Winter 2021 issue, we look ahead to a heavily disrupted marketplace and identify key areas for organizational success amid omnipresent instability. Our partners at Kantar also analyze data from last year about how e-commerce has been affected during the pandemic. 

Also launching in this issue is our new Impact at JMR section highlighting important, actionable content published in the Journal of Marketing Research. You’ll get managerial insights based on some of the latest academic research.

Marketing Collateral Management Tool

The Marketing Collateral Management tool is a customizable spreadsheet designed to help you keep track of your physical and digital collateral, including details like owner, type, distribution and last update.

Mobile Marketing Planning Checklist

This customizable Excel tool is designed to help you make sure your mobile marketing launch runs smoothly. The checklist outlines key tasks for launch, lets you assign accountability to team members for individual tasks and even allows you to set timelines for launch to ensure that you’re meeting all your deadlines.

Email Marketing ROI Calculator

This downloadable Excel tool is designed to help you maximize your email marketing. It’s an easy-to-use calculator that provides you with insights into metrics like conversion rates, costs per lead and more. Generate reports and compare results from multiple campaigns over time to consider how different tactics affect your return.

Marketing Communications Budget Template

This is a downloadable, customizable budget tool that will help you sort through the mess of numbers to simplify and streamline your budget process. With pre-formatted formulas to help you calculate total spending and remaining marketing dollars, this tool is designed for busy marketers like you to make the most of your marketing dollars and time. 

Marketing Communications Calendar

Planning for the year ahead is a daunting task, but streamlined organizational tools like this one can make it much more manageable.

The Marketing Communications Calendar is perfect for marketers who work with teams and need to allocate ownership of initiatives. Download this professionally designed calendar to organize and communicate all of your marketing activities for a successful 2021.

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