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Weekly Perks
Just for Members

Every week, AMA members get access to a new perk like a training video, toolkit or exclusive content. Many of these are available for a limited time or are special partnerships, so make sure to take advantage of these benefits when you see them. 

This Week’s Perk

Buyer Persona Template

The Buyer Persona tool will help you create profiles for the various customers who turn to you for solutions. This Excel template will help you conduct an analysis on up to nine different customer types and serves as a great foundation for your content marketing strategy.

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Active Perks from Previous Weeks

Adaptation During the Pandemic Special Issue

In the Marketing News special issue “Adaptation During the Pandemic,” we cover how to communicate reopening plans with customers, how agile marketing adds flexibility to long-term projects, the benefits of pivoting and ways to produce quality videos from home. 

Consumer Sentiment Infographic

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 epidemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. And as marketers, we’ve seen how that change has affected how we reach and interact with customers. We’ve pulled together the latest statistics in a single infographic to help you understand the changing shopping habits of consumers.

Content Monitoring Tool

The Content Monitoring tool will help you better understand your competitors’ content marketing strategies. This Excel template will help you track and visualize what others are doing before diving into a fresh strategy of your own.

  • 1 Hour to Set-Up
  • Requires Basic Excel Skills

Content Marketing Playbook

The AMA Content Marketing Playbook is a guide to help you bring structure to your strategy. It provides organizational step-by-step instructions while also helping you utilize more than 30 downloadable tools from the popular AMA Marketer’s Toolkits library. You’ll not only have a stronger content marketing plan, but you’ll also have the templates to make smarter business decisions.

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