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AMA Membership Perk Archive

We’ve transformed AMA Membership Perks into our exciting new AMA Membership Digest

While AMA members can still access the resources below, our curation of toolkits, training, research and exclusive content – plus a new perk every month – can be found on our AMA Membership Digest page.

Get Full Access to These Resources With AMA Membership

Influencer Marketing Playbook

Get a big boost in building your influencer marketing strategy with this robust resource.

The Influencer Marketing Playbook provides step-by-step planning guidance while also helping you utilize 15 downloadable tools from the popular members-only AMA Marketer’s Toolkit library. It covers everything from planning and budgeting to compliance and campaign metrics.

Influencer Marketing Playbook

Get a big boost in building your influencer marketing strategy with this robust resource.

The Influencer Marketing Playbook provides step-by-step planning guidance while also helping you utilize 15 downloadable tools from the popular members-only AMA Marketer’s Toolkit library. It covers everything from planning and budgeting to compliance and campaign metrics.

Influencer Contract Checklist

The Influencer Contract Checklist will help ensure that you have a comprehensive agreement between your brand and the influencer. This template will help reduce uncertainty and increase trust among the parties involved.

Intro to UX On-Demand Training

Our Intro to UX for Digital Marketing Success On-Demand Training will teach you skills like UX strategy, effective user targeting, and task prioritization with real-life examples to aid your marketing efforts.

As a live workshop, this training was $99. Now it’s free for you as an AMA member until December 12, 2022.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Budget Template

Use this Microsoft Excel template to set and track your influencer marketing campaign budget and use the automatically generated charts to communicate spending with your team and other key stakeholders.

Marketing News Quarterly Fall Issue

In this issue, you’ll get the latest results from The CMO Survey with insights on how marketing leaders are navigating the post-pandemic landscape.

Plus, we’ve curated recent research from our AMA Academic Journals looking at the impacts of marketing health, well-being and nutrition.

Digital Marketing Copywriting On-Demand Training

This on-demand training will help you build your writing skills by exploring the latest techniques and best practices in copywriting for the web — specifically social media, blogs and paid advertising.

You’ll not only learn how to drive action by using powerful, emotive copy but also how to explain complicated or technical details of your products in accessible ways. This training is available until December 12, 2022.

Influencer Comparison and Selection Tool

The Influencer Comparison and Selection Tool will help you understand how potential influencers align with your organization in areas like overall goals and business culture. Plus, you’ll be able to easily compare number of followers, typical engagement, circle of influence, content quality and potential risks.

Influencer Marketing Goals & Objectives Template

The Influencer Marketing Goals and Objectives Template is a great first step in deciphering what you’d want to get from adding influencers to your marketing mix. You’ll be able to identify KPIs, which will help show others in your company how your strategy aligns with organizational goals.

ABM Playbook

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook is built to give you a comprehensive strategy framework and easily editable tools to quickly bring your ABM plan to life. 

This step-by-step guide features more than 15 templates from the AMA Marketer’s Toolkit library to help you develop an account-based marketing approach. It covers all the critical ABM steps including strategy alignment, account selection, insight generation, campaign execution and results measurement.

PR and Advertising Analysis Tool

This tool starts with step-by-step instructions for gathering the right information to add to the spreadsheet. Once all the data is in, you’ll get a dashboard full of summary charts to help you see the ad spend vs. ad value ratios for your company and your competitors.

Press Release Template

This template will guide you section-by-section and give recommendations of what types of content to include to make sure your press release makes an impact.

You’ll be able to establish key messages, ensure company credibility and format it in a way media outlets would expect.

Account & Product Mapping Matrix

For any organization looking to start an account-based marketing program, one of the initial struggles can be understanding which products could be sold to targeted accounts.

This week’s AMA Membership Perk, the Account & Product Mapping Matrix, is a PowerPoint template that can be used as a team exercise to better align customers with the right products and services you offer. You’ll be able to see which products have been purchased by target accounts, new opportunities in process, deals closed or lost and more.

ABM Account Tiers Worksheet

This tool will help you create a matrix to match the different types of companies you’re targeting with the marketing materials and campaigns you have on hand. You’ll be left with a simple guide to help you manage the sales process more efficiently.

Marketing News Quarterly Summer Issue

Our cover story looks at the power and popularity of brand collaborations. Plus, you’ll find lots of helpful knowledge from AMA Academic Journal research on topics including cookieless advertising, avoiding personal biases in marketing, improving charitable giving campaigns, how food influences our experiences and more.

Content Marketing Contributors Database

Simplify how you track your content creators with the Content Marketing Contributor Database.

Not only can you consolidate all of their contact information, but you can also track contributors’ areas of expertise, billing rate, average turnaround time, past feedback and more.

With this tool, you’ll be able to quickly activate the right resource whenever you need new content for your marketing campaign.

Post-Project Evaluation Worksheet

When you finish a project at work and are looking to move on to your next initiative, this tool will help you understand how to build on current strengths and learn from challenges that popped up along the way.

The Post-Project Evaluation Worksheet will guide you through questions to evaluate areas like scope management, quality of deliverables, key accomplishments, lessons learned, opportunities for improvement, future considerations and more.

Lead Generation Prioritization Tool

Gain transparency and better understand which lead generation initiatives have the most profit potential with the Lead Generation Prioritization Tool.

It will help you organize your efforts by strategic fit, economic impact and feasibility. Once you rank your projects in these areas, this tool will generate a bubble matrix of your findings to identify which areas have the most potential to bring value to your organization.

New Benefit: Journal of Interactive Marketing

The AMA Academic Journals portfolio is growing giving you more access to the latest marketing research to help you grow your knowledge and make an impact.

As an AMA member, you now get unlimited digital access to the Journal of Interactive Marketing at no additional cost.

The Journal of Interactive Marketing aims to identify issues and ideas associated with the rapidly expanding field of interactive marketing in topics related to the analysis, targeting and service of individual customers. It publishes leading-edge, high-quality and original research that presents results, methodologies, theories, concepts, models and applications on any aspect of interactive marketing.

SEO Analytics On-Demand Learning

The SEO Analytics on-demand learning will help you understand the foundation for effective reporting, uncover the top free and paid tools SEO professionals use for measurement, and learn how to clearly communicate data findings.

As a live virtual training, this learning cost $89, but as a member, you get free access to the recording until August 22, 2022.

Ideal Customer Profile Template

The Ideal Customer Profile Template will help you get started in creating a customer persona. This customizable PowerPoint slide will let you hone in on things like business size, culture, growth opportunities, location, decision-making style and more so you can quickly evaluate which companies are a good fit to become your customers.

ABM Budget Template

This Excel worksheet will help you identify Account Based Marketing expenses in areas like staff, software, advertising campaigns, consulting fees and more.

Once you input all of your projected and actual expenses, this tool creates several charts automatically so you can analyze and understand your actual spending versus the expected budget.

ABM Maturity Report

This report gathers insights from over 400 B2B marketing professionals across five continents to better understand which strategies help marketers achieve consistent and predictable revenue impact.

You’ll see the key findings around what makes a successful Account Based Marketing program and learn the steps for building an impactful strategy for your organization.

Marketing and Business Alignment Tool

With this customizable tool, you can take a quick audit and get graphed results on how in step you are with your company’s goals in communication, competency-value measurement, governance, partnership, systems and technology, and human resources.

Core Values Worksheet

Setting the tone for your company culture takes intentionality and communication.

The Core Values Worksheet is a first step in the process. It will help you understand your leadership’s view on organizational values and analyze which of those are the most important for your company culture. Then you’ll be ready to craft your value statement to share with the team.

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map

 With the Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map, you’ll have a new tool to increase accountability for your team and understand if your organization is tracking with overall goals.

It will help you outline strategic objectives, initiatives and targets for your organization in areas like finance, customers, growth and business process improvement.

This customizable Excel file will help you align goals and measure how individuals, departments and your company as a whole are tracking toward key success metrics.

Marketing News Quarterly Spring Issue

The cover story dives into pathways for legacy brands to modernize their business without losing sight of their past.

You’ll also find the latest CMO Survey results, including insights about organizations’ lack of action on climate and privacy-related issues. Plus, you’ll see highlights of recent research from our Journal of Marketing Research, an article about brand purpose under capitalism in the age of anxiety and more.

SEO Keyword Database

The SEO Keyword Database will help you track and target the right keywords for your search engine optimization. You’ll be able to take the keyword information you get from places like Google Ads and easily add it to this customizable spreadsheet to understand your competitive landscape better. 

Save time on formatting, more easily share your findings and find new opportunities to enhance your SEO strategy.

SEO System RFP Template

The right SEO software platform can help you make sure you’re doing everything you can to grow traffic to your business. But how do you make sure you’re getting all the right features that will benefit your organization?

The SEO System RFP Template can help eliminate some of the guesswork. This customizable Microsoft Word template will help you organize and define your requirements so you get bids that meet your needs. 

SEO Vendor Evaluation Tool

It can be dizzying selecting a vendor to help with your SEO needs.

The SEO Vendor Evaluation tool will help you compile all of the information you’ve gathered from potential partners into one matrix to compare what each company offers more easily.

You can document your requirements, rank vendors on how they meet these needs and get a visual report to aid your decision-making process. 

Best Practices Guide to Inclusive Marketing

We’re excited to let you know about our new partnership with The Diversity Movement

As a Preferred Diversity Resource Partner of the AMA, The Diversity Movement will help provide diversity, equity, and inclusion programming and content for our marketing community.

Our first collaboration together is the Best Practices Guide to Inclusive Marketing. It’s based on deep analysis, research and interviews with some of marketing’s foremost thought leaders so that you can get hands-on, real-world insight into the value of inclusive environments.

As an AMA member, you get early access to this guide which focuses on creating positive social impact, attracting new markets, retaining existing consumers, and increasing overall revenue and profit. You will also learn how to avoid all-too-common pitfalls such as performative inclusion and tokenism.

SEO Maturity Assessment

Often it’s easy to solely focus on the tactics of SEO. Yet there are so many other pieces that lead to a successful strategy.

The SEO Maturity Assessment will help you see at a glance the strengths and weaknesses of your holistic strategy.

Track areas like management buy-in, employee training, the process for measuring important metrics, keyword strategy health and more. 

Social Media Marketing Calendar

Are you tired of not knowing what’s happening with your social channels? Want a way to give your organization better clarity into your social efforts?

The Social Media Marketing Calendar is an easy-to-use tool that will bring structure to your strategy.

Assign tasks to make sure work gets done. Better understand social timing and channels. And easily color-code your efforts for quicker analysis.

Content Marketing Editorial Calendar

Updated for 2022, this AMA Membership Perk will help you create visibility for your content marketing efforts. The Content Marketing Editorial Calendar is a customizable Excel spreadsheet that makes it easy to manage, track and communicate plans with your team. 

Easily identify themes, content types and distribution channels to reach target audiences and keep them engaged.

Marketing News Quarterly – Winter 2022 Issue

The first Marketing News issue of 2022 looks at the power of brand naming with extra focus on avoiding greenwashing and staying true to your organization’s environmental claims.

Plus, as a part of National Mentoring Month, our local professional chapter AMA Toronto shares its experience in why mentorship matters.

Agile Content Marketing Calendar

Looking for an easier way to get the most out of your content?

This tool will not only help you better understand how your existing stuff can get repurposed, but you’ll also be able to plan and track content ideas, ensure implementation and monitor how your current content is being used.

2022 Public Relations Calendar

This customizable Excel file will help you identify what PR channels, platforms and messaging you’re using.

Track press releases, press conferences, sponsorship, speaking, events and more. 

Plus, there’s a single roll-up page to show all your activity and present your plan all in one place.

Web Content Audit Tool

Knowing what content you need for your website or identifying which pages need updating can be tricky to track.

But with the last AMA Membership Perk of 2021, that task can become a lot more organized. The Web Content Audit Tool will help you prioritize your efforts by clarifying which pages get the most views, what target audience they serve and how long ago they were last updated.

2022 Marketing Communications Calendar

Use this tool to schedule your marketing activities, assign team ownership and track your initiatives. It’s completely customizable but set up out of the box to organize social media posts, email, events, advertising and more. 

It will help you stay focused and provide clarity for others about all of the work your marketing team is doing.

Customer Advocate Database

Word of mouth and referral traffic can be a great source of growth for your organization. The Customer Advocate Database will help you easily track advocates, see who they’ve referred, understand their level of engagement, link them to an account manager and more.

Plan Your 2022 Advertising

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to begin strategizing and planning your campaigns and budget for next year. The Advertising Calendar and Budget Template tool is a great way to get started! Easily measure and communicate effectiveness, track budgets and media types, and prepare yourself for a well-organized and successful year ahead.

Online Community Vendor Evaluation Tool

We’re continuing to look at tools that help you make quicker, more informed decisions about selecting vendors to help with overall customer engagement.

The Online Community Vendor Evaluation Tool lets you rank potential companies based on your business needs. You’ll be able to customize the level of importance of features, give a score to each category and easily see how they all compare in a single chart.

Personalization Vendor Selection Tool

When hiring a vendor to help with personalization services, sorting through all of your options and keeping track of each provider’s features can be a major challenge.

Save time and make better informed decisions with the Personalization Vendors Matrix. Information on some popular vendors is already included. Plus, it’s customizable so you can add more providers you’d like to review.

The Paid Media Spend Forecasting Spreadsheet allows organizations like yours to estimate how much budget they need to deliver on their goals for paid media channels. Depending on business type and objective, you can choose either e-commerce or leads/sign-ups as the budget forecast template, predicting average order values or conversion rates for each paid channel.

Marketing News Quarterly Fall Issue

Dive-in to the latest issue of Marketing News Quarterly for insights on marketing leadership, design thinking, trending academic studies and how best to parse big data.

E-Commerce PPC Tracking Tool

Digital advertising is a crucial plank of any marketing strategy. But understanding how your pay-per-click (PPC) ads are working can be confusing and time-consuming.

This AMA Membership Perk is here to help! The e-commerce tracking tool is a preformatted Excel file that will help give you clarity on your budget, performance and how many leads you’ll need to reach your goals.

This tool is a resource provided to attendees of our upcoming Optimizing Pay-Per-Click virtual training (where you can get the best pricing), but we were able to score the hook-up to give it to AMA members for free.

New Marketers’ Confidence Index Data

Marketer optimism has reached its highest level in the past five years. 

See all the latest results from the Marketers’ Confidence Index done in partnership with our friends at Kantar.

Gamification Technology Overview

The Gamification Technology Overview provides a look at the platforms and tools that enable modern marketing organizations to make effective decisions about gamification solutions that best fit their broader customer engagement strategy.

Community-Based Marketing Presentation

“Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing” provides an introduction to community-based social marketing. You’ll learn the five steps of this strategy and review case studies showing its application.

This presentation was originally given as a keynote to registrants of the 2021 AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference, but is being provided free on-demand to all AMA members.

Advocacy and Loyalty Technology Overview

Most sales and marketing professionals will acknowledge that some of the best-qualified leads and easiest sales to close come from word-of-mouth referrals. 

The old school of thought about customer loyalty and advocacy was that it occurred organically after a company provided a delightful experience.

The new understanding is that far more customers are willing to serve as brand advocates if they are encouraged to do so.

The Advocacy and Loyalty Technology Overview will help you understand the aspects of modern best practices for developing this piece of your customer engagement strategy.

Customer Engagement Budget Template

Take the headache out of budgeting with the Customer Engagement Budget Template. This downloadable excel tool will allow you to set and track your budget on a monthly and yearly basis. Track costs like tech, promotions, staffing and more. The tool will even generate graphs in real-time as you enter your actual expenses against your budget projections.

Content Planning Workbook

Stay organized and build your content roadmap with the Content Planning Workbook. This resource is designed to help you understand your audience, find behavioral trends, audit your effectiveness and create an overall stronger content strategy.

Customer Engagement Project Plan

Streamline your planning process and save time with the Customer Engagement Project Plan. This downloadable template will help you create a project plan to share with your team or supervisor to ensure a seamless workflow. The template includes customizable sections including overview, success factors, risk identification, communication planning and more.

New Marketing News Quarterly Magazine

ABM is often heralded as the next great solution to bringing marketing and sales together for successful campaigns.

The Summer issue of Marketing News Quarterly highlights the results of the most recent CMO Survey, which gage top marketers around the country on the state of the industry. 

Here’s a teaser of one of the survey findings. Corporate activism in America has reached its highest levels of acceptability among marketing leaders, but marketers as a whole are divided on whether or not they are ready to jump in.

ABM Playbook Template

ABM is often heralded as the next great solution to bringing marketing and sales together for successful campaigns. But in order to get there successfully, you need a strategic plan and roadmap. The ABM Playbook Template, is a downloadable and customizable guide to help you successfully create an end-to-end campaign plan. Use it to plan out metrics and tracking, personas and more.

Customer Engagement Strategy Workbook

The Customer Engagement Strategy Workbook will help you quickly give a high-level overview of your efforts. You’ll be able to use this Microsoft Excel file to enter goals, define timelines, clarify objectives and document everything you need to bring your strategy to life. Plus, it will help you measure the effectiveness of all your work, too.

Customer Engagement Roles Matrix

The Customer Engagement Roles Matrix is a downloadable, customizable tool that allows you to track roles and responsibilities for customer engagement across departments. You’ll be able to track engagement across the six key categories of roles, responsibilities, processes, technology, content and metrics to maximize your results and streamline internal business processes.

Customer Profile Template

The Customer Profile Template, helps you generate multiple detailed customer profiles to inform your marketing planning and campaigns. Get a clear understanding of consumer behavior, needs and traits to boost your overall marketing strategy.

Phil Kotler E-Book

Many marketers are familiar with the name Phillip Kotler. He is known as the “father of modern marketing.” Phil has written over sixty books, over fifty of which were written after he turned fifty years old.

This e-book features Marketing News interviews with Dr. Kotler and a selection of his published AMA academic journal articles that will help you get valuable insights from one of the marketing industry’s living legends.

Customer Engagement Maturity Assessment

We previously shared the Customer Engagement Maturity Model with you. It provides a roadmap that helps you understand how to develop a deep of a relationship with your customers

This AMA Membership Perk, the Customer Engagement Maturity Assessment, helps you take it a step further. Download this customizable tool now to assess your organization’s current customer engagement capabilities to find areas for future improvement.

Customer Engagement Maturity Model Toolkit

This newly added toolkit helps you rank and evaluate customer maturity from Stage 1: Undefined through Stage 4: World Class. Categories defined include orientation, leadership, tools and platforms, customer success, alignment, budget and staff, and metrics.

Get started assessing your customer engagement capabilities today and go from “Undefined” to “World Class.”

Brand Assessment Tool

The Brand Assessment tool is a downloadable, customizable resource that helps you self-assess strategy, alignment, communication and execution. You’ll be able to easily identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and make a plan for measurable improvements.

Message Mapping Tool

Few things in marketing are as crucial as crafting an impactful message that will resonate with your target audience.

The Message Mapping Tool is a downloadable, customizable template that will help you document and assess the key messages you need to put in front of each of your target audiences.

Brand Perception Survey Tool

This tool will help you get started building a brand perception survey to find out where you stand in the marketplace amongst your competitors. Use it to learn how your brand is viewed, which of your brand attributes resonate with your customers and how your products and services are perceived by consumers.

Marketer’s Confidence Index Findings

The Marketers’ Confidence Index is a biannual survey that measures how optimistic U.S. marketers are about spending and growth in their organizations. As an AMA member, you get early access to this exclusive report.

MarCom Objectives Worksheet

When you’re writing a marketing and communications plan, the more tools you have available to stay organized, the better. The MarCom Objectives Worksheet can help you track objectives, target audiences, desired outcomes, success metrics and more all in one place.

First Look: Marketing News Quarterly Digital Magazine

We’re excited to share with you the first issue of our new Marketing News Quarterly digital magazine. With a focus on getting content to you quicker and in an effort to become more green, we will no longer be sending print editions of Marketing News. 

Our new online-only publication is here to deliver you the same great marketing research and original content you’ve come to expect. You get member-only exclusive articles as well as the added perk of early access to other content.

In our Winter 2021 issue, we look ahead to a heavily disrupted marketplace and identify key areas for organizational success amid omnipresent instability. Our partners at Kantar also analyze data from last year about how e-commerce has been affected during the pandemic. 

Also launching in this issue is our new Impact at JMR section highlighting important, actionable content published in the Journal of Marketing Research. You’ll get managerial insights based on some of the latest academic research.

Marketing Collateral Management Tool

The Marketing Collateral Management tool is a customizable spreadsheet designed to help you keep track of your physical and digital collateral, including details like owner, type, distribution and last update.

Mobile Marketing Planning Checklist

This customizable Excel tool is designed to help you make sure your mobile marketing launch runs smoothly. The checklist outlines key tasks for launch, lets you assign accountability to team members for individual tasks and even allows you to set timelines for launch to ensure that you’re meeting all your deadlines.

Email Marketing ROI Calculator

This downloadable Excel tool is designed to help you maximize your email marketing. It’s an easy-to-use calculator that provides you with insights into metrics like conversion rates, costs per lead and more. Generate reports and compare results from multiple campaigns over time to consider how different tactics affect your return.

Marketing Communications Budget Template

This is a downloadable, customizable budget tool that will help you sort through the mess of numbers to simplify and streamline your budget process. With pre-formatted formulas to help you calculate total spending and remaining marketing dollars, this tool is designed for busy marketers like you to make the most of your marketing dollars and time. 

Marketing Communications Calendar

Planning for the year ahead is a daunting task, but streamlined organizational tools like this one can make it much more manageable.

The Marketing Communications Calendar is perfect for marketers who work with teams and need to allocate ownership of initiatives. Download this professionally designed calendar to organize and communicate all of your marketing activities for a successful 2021.