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Weekly Perks
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Every week, AMA members get access to a new perk like a training video, toolkit or exclusive content. Many of these are available for a limited time or are special partnerships, so make sure to take advantage of these benefits when you see them. 

This Week’s Perk

Exclusive Customer Experience Insights

Get insights from the AMA and our partner Kantar Consulting based on recent consumer surveys on the importance of CX. Learn the most common pitfalls in CX development (like resource allocation and data shortfalls) and how you can overcome them to stand out in the marketplace. 

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Active Perks from Previous Weeks

SEO Keyword Training Video

Expanding your presence by broadening your keyword strategy is one of the most fundamental activities you can do to improve your SEO results. This four-hour, on-demand intermediate-level training dives deep into SEO keyword strategy. You’ll get all the tools you need to expand, update and scale your SEO results. 

This training was originally $69 and is yours for free until December 7.

SEO Keyword Database

A strong SEO strategy is critical in today’s digital world. However, tackling the challenge of organizing and optimizing your keywords is no easy feat. 

The SEO Keyword Database will help you keep track of your company’s keywords and optimize your SEO while uncovering new keyword opportunities for your brand. 

Market Research Analysis Template

You’ve defined your market research problem, convinced your team to move forward and conducted your research. Now you’re left with a pile of data wondering what’s next. The Market Research Analysis Template provides a framework for you to identify and document the kinds of analysis you will need to move forward in your market research process.

2020 Market Research Trends

This exclusive article breaks down the trends from our recently released Top 50 Report which gives expert insights and a complete analysis of the market research and analytics industry.

Market Research Playbook

The Market Research Playbook is designed with industry best practices in mind to help you develop a comprehensive and thorough market research process. This five-step guide takes you through the process from preparation to reporting. It’s full of downloadable tools and templates you can customize for your organization’s unique needs. 

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