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Video Series: Be at Home with the AMA

Video Series: Be at Home with the AMA

Marketing News Staff

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Join Marketing News staff members Steve Heisler and Sarah Steimer as they tackle a variety of topics related to marketing amid quarantine

Fight self-isolation due to contagion with the shared elation that is Be at Home with the AMA. In this semiweekly video series, staff writer Steve Heisler and managing editor Sarah Steimer invite readers into their homes and deliver hot takes on marketing in the age of COVID-19. Discover innovative ways to raise brand awareness, build relationships, support customers and maintain sanity during this pandemic—and don’t forget to admire our scintillating decor. Join us every Monday and Thursday!

Episode 9

Customers stuck at home are growing fatigued by receiving Amazon packages but hungry to help their favorite brands. Steve and Sarah offer their takes on D2C strengths and how best to leverage them.

Episode 8

Pizza, pasta and canned soup have seen a spike in sales as customers seek something familiar to tether them during the pandemic. What can marketers learn from this trend in the food and beverage industry? We explain some next steps for businesses with long histories.


Episode 7

Disposable packaging and items keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum. But brands who place eco-friendliness front-and-center are struggling to keep their mission right now. We break down the process by which companies can maintain their sustainability efforts.

Episode 6

New data suggests that consumers are sick of hearing from influencers and celebrities about this pandemic. But rather than lose their relationships with brands, influencers can shine by showing off their day-to-day life. Steve and Sarah explain how influencers can remain relatable.

Episode 5

Zoom retains the name recognition when it comes to video conferencing, but can Facebook capture the social crowd? And if so, what are the benefits for marketers to jump onto the platform?

Episode 4

The American Marketing Association once again partnered with Kantar for a new Marketers’ Confidence Index study, and the results were surprising. We break down key takeaways from the survey and explain what marketers need to know to begin planning post-COVID-19.

Episode 3

Customers are hungry for brand communication if it’s backed by action. We explain which types of messages ring hollow and which catch our attention.

Episode 2

Companies are releasing COVID-themed ads left and right. Steve Heisler and Sarah Steimer break down the trend and discuss how brands can follow suit, building customer loyalty without inducing pandemic fatigue.

Episode 1

In this inaugural episode of Be at Home with AMA, Sarah shares how a local wine shop is maintaining its brand value from afar. Steve lauds a video game company for connecting him with colleagues. The duo speak to why brands may have missed their window for addressing COVID-19.

Image by Bill Murphy.