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The Skills Marketers Need to Thrive in the Era of AI

Alice Oh

Here’s how to embrace the future of marketing with AI and ramp up your skills to evolve alongside it

Artificial intelligence has been a trending topic for quite some time, and its use is on the rise in every industry. According to a report by Salesforce, 51% of marketing leaders state that they currently use AI in some way, with 27% planning to start using it in the next two years. As AI continues to grow, it will progressively impact how our society functions and transform the way we work.

As with any transformative technology, AI has marketing professionals on their toes, leaving them to wonder about the fate of their jobs. Should you anticipate a massive disruption by AI threatening the security of your job?

Marketers, have no fear: AI isn’t going to replace you or any of your colleagues just yet. AI is incredibly advanced, but it is not sophisticated enough to master human IQ and emotional intelligence.

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Alice Oh

Alice Oh is a digital marketing specialist at MarketPro, Inc. She writes about transformation and trends that occur in digital marketing. She is intrigued by the rapid integration of technology in marketing and is always eager to learn about the latest developments.