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robot driving a bulldozer

The Era of Martech

Michael Fleischner and Beth Grad

robot driving a bulldozer

Marketing technology is integral to every aspect of marketing, and if you’re not leveraging its power, you’re falling behind.

The fundamentals of marketing are largely unchanged: Know your audience, position your product and provide compelling offers to turn prospects into customers. However, as the marketing journey has gone omni-channel and threatened the traditional marketing funnel, the way brands communicate with prospective customers has changed—along with the technology that makes it all possible.

How Did This Happen?

Marketing automation software vendors have incorporated a wide variety of tools and capabilities—content marketing systems were the first, but the technology has grown sophisticated. This resulted in a land grab by technology companies to develop software that could manage different aspects of the marketing life cycle.

According to, approximately 7,000 vendors offer services including enterprise data warehouses and chatbots serving as the first point of contact for would-be customers. Virtually every aspect of marketing funnels, processes and analytics is supported by a technology tool that promises to turn data into valuable insights.

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Michael Fleischner

Michael Fleischner is founder and CEO of Big Fin Solutions, a marketing and technology advisory firm. He works with companies to assess their marketing technology needs and advise on solutions aligned with corporate strategy. He has been helping B2B companies drive revenue and marketing efficiencies for more than 20 years.

Beth Grad

Beth Grad is the vice president of digital & e-commerce at LT Apparel Group. She is a digital executive with extensive knowledge of enterprise-level applications. Beth has been helping B2B companies drive revenue and marketing efficiencies for more than two decades.