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How to Use Storytelling in B2B Marketing

How to Use Storytelling in B2B Marketing

David Aaker

B-to-B brands don’t have to fulfill the prophecy of bland marketing. With a well-managed bank of stories, they can convey their value to customers

The power of story is applied to strategic messaging to inform, energize, persuade and inspire. The use of signature stories is particularly relevant to B-to-B firms because their customers are often buying a relationship with an organization and their employees. Communicating organizational values and a brand vision with authenticity is critical.

However, the nature of signature stories and the process of developing and using them is different for B-to-B firms than B-to-C firms, which raises the question: What are the challenges of using signature stories that are unique to B-to-B firms, and how can they be addressed?

In B-to-B contexts customer success stories are often the best vehicles for signature stories. Given that reality, there are three challenges facing B-to-B firms:


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David Aaker is vice chairman of Prophet, the author of Aaker on Branding and a member of the Marketing Hall of Fame.