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How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing

How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing

Jason Erickson

Career in Digital Marketing

As the digital landscape continues to evolve and innovate along with all of the tools, platforms and possibilities it encompasses, the skills required to thrive and achieve the dynamism essential to an impactful and long-standing marketing career have shifted along with it. These changes have been particularly evident in roles at the director level within the UX and digital marketing spheres, where there is unquestionable potential for expansive career growth and the ability to make a measurable impact on the industry as a whole.

Position Yourself for a Rapidly Evolving Digital Space

Master the most in-demand skills and tools. Google Adwords, user interface, mobile design, responsive design and, for larger organizations, full-stack design skills are at the top of the list for employers looking for talent.

Create various digital assets. Hone your skills and strategic approaches around creating websites that are able to unite other assets a company may possess, such as social media channels, to create more impactful environments across technologies and platforms. This is a key priority for organizations in making themselves more competitive overall.


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Jason Erickson is director of Sparks Group’s creative division. Jason brings 15 years of experience with global staffing in marketing and communications, executive-level, federal, health care, bio-medical, government contracting, leadership development, strategic planning, business development, recruiting and divisional startup positions. For more information, please visit