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8 Effective Ways to Get a Digital Marketing Promotion

8 Effective Ways to Get a Digital Marketing Promotion

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As the demand for digital marketers keeps rising across countries and industries, you’re in a perfect position to start thinking about advancing your career with a digital marketing promotion. There are loads of opportunities out there, you only need to look at the job openings on LinkedIn to see how many! 

But it’s also a competitive field as many people have realized that digital marketing skills can provide a career with good salary prospects, the chance to travel, and the opportunity to keep learning and growing. 


So, how can you stand out from the crowd to get a digital marketing promotion in your current job, or in that company you’ve been stalking online? Here are 8 great and simple ways to get you one step closer to that dream career.

Build Your Personal Brand

First and foremost, you need to have a presence online to show you can communicate online. This means you need to build a ‘brand’ that demonstrates your skills and aptitudes, but also your personality. 

If you’re looking for a promotion, cultivate a presence that shows off your professional skills and personal values. So, how can you build a brand for yourself?  

  • What’s Your Unique Selling Point? – Everyone has something unique about them. Maybe you write fiction as a hobby, can play the violin, or love skydiving. Show off what makes you, you. Ultimately that’s why your employer will choose you above other candidates when it comes to a promotion or career move.   
  • Choose Your Digital Channels – Like a business, you need to be shrewd about the digital channel you choose. Time is precious so concentrate on the ones that will help you get noticed. LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting with people in your industry and also showcasing any campaigns or work you’re involved in. If you love video, maybe TikTok is the platform for your skills. Just be aware of remaining professional online as it can be seen if an employer searches for you.  
  • Choose Side Projects Carefully – Maybe you’re involved in a podcast or guest blog. If so, be choosy about who you do things for as it will reflect on you as a person. It doesn’t have to be about digital marketing, but it should be something you are passionate about.  
  • Be Authentic & Open – The most successful influencers or bloggers are seen as authentic. They remain true to themselves and continue that across online channels. Think about your USP and ethos and show that online in a genuine way. 
  • Watch, Listen & Learn – In this sector, it’s easy to find out about trends and industry insights. Subscribe to a YouTube channel you like, listen to digital marketing podcasts or just follow industry leaders on social media. That way, you will learn new things and be able to bring them to your role and workplace to impress.   

Develop new skills

If you want to advance in your role or move up the ladder, you must refresh existing skills and develop new ones. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing so you need to keep on top of developments that can enhance your chances at earning your marketing promotion. 

For example, if you work in social media you should be aware of algorithm changes, analytic updates, and new features on the platforms. Or if you work in content marketing, understand how SEO can enhance your copy and traffic volumes or see if AI can help in your copywriting. 

There’s always something to learn, so it’s about focusing on an area you’re weak in or would like to learn more about. Short courses with a certification at the end are a great way to demonstrate knowledge, or if you want to immerse yourself in a new area of digital marketing, sign up for an intensive online course you can do in your own time.  

Use Social Media 

Social media is everywhere and social networking is one of the most popular activities online. It’s so popular that 57 percent of the world’s population will use it by 2025 according to Statista.

Bar graph showing increase of social network penetration around the world from 2017 and into 2025.

To boost your personal brand, social media is invaluable. It offers you the opportunity to post about issues you’re interested in (such as social issues) or updates on digital marketing or the digital sector. Resharing and commenting on other people’s posts is a great way to make connections and network with peers. 

But don’t spread yourself too thin, there are a finite number of hours in the day, so choose platforms that suit your content and style. For example, Twitter is a great platform if you’re interested in news or want to follow things in real-time (plus Twitter is an effective marketing tool for any business). Whereas Instagram is great if you make videos or take a lot of photographs. 

Don’t be afraid to try a new platform if you think it may work for your content or want to connect with people. It’s easy to set up an account and start posting.

Start a blog 

A great way to raise your online profile and get in line for that promotion is to start a blog. This allows you to share your views with a wider audience and convey your personality. 

If you want to start a blog, follow these 4 simple steps: 

  1. Figure out what to write about – It’s always better to focus on something specific or niche rather than just talking about every issue or topic. That way people will visit your blog to get an opinion on a specific area. If that’s in the realm of digital marketing, even better! 
  2. Choose a name – Just like a social media handle, your blog name should be something that stands out or relates to you. If you’re being tactical, do some keyword research and include a relevant keyword in the title, and choose a ‘.com’ domain if possible. 
  3. Find a platform – There are lots of platforms out there so do your research and find one that is easy to use. WordPress is popular as is Wix or HubSpot. You should also look at hosting capabilities as you will want to be able to just plug and play e.g. choose a theme and get writing!  
  4. Create content – Decide what type of content you want to create and get started. It could be short articles, checklists, or listicles. It’s really up to you. 

If starting a blog seems too much, reach out to other bloggers to see if you can write a guest blog. Or you can post articles on LinkedIn or the publishing platform, Medium

Think about ‘soft skills’

Employers today want employees with knowledge but also ‘soft skills’ (behaviors, personality traits, and work habits) that help people flourish at work. 

According to ‘The Future of Work 2022’, the most important soft skills employers want today are teamwork/collaboration, communication, and problem-solving/critical thinking. It’s these soft skills that employers believe will enable a long career as it shows a willingness to adapt, change and pitch in when needed.   

If you want a promotion, it’s wise to demonstrate that you have these skills. Look for ways that you can collaborate with your team or another department. If you’re in meetings are you speaking up or communicating the work you are doing, or do you have any ideas that could improve productivity or boost digital marketing campaigns?

It’s the small things you do daily in the company and your team that will make a difference. If you lack these skills then be more aware of your surroundings and interactions with people. Having an open mind and being adaptable will help you build relationships and boost your career prospects. 

Learn from your mistakes

It can be hard to hear criticism in the workplace. It can affect your morale and impact your productivity. However, there is a plus side to professional critique – it can help you improve on areas that you could be weak in which may help you land that marketing promotion. 

In the early stages of a career, there will be people with more experience than you. Plus, you are learning on the job so there will be mistakes or errors, and remember, everyone has made mistakes at some point.

The main thing is how you deal with and learn from those mistakes. Owning up to your mistake shows a strength of character and a willingness to rectify it and move on. It’s that agility and resilience that employers look for and appreciate as part of a team. In the long run, it will put you in a good position for any future promotion. 

Hone your CV

When you’re looking for a promotion, your CV is crucial. It’s what employers look at to make a judgment on whether you will fit the role they are looking to fill. 

No matter what stage you’re at in your digital marketing career, you should always review your CV before sending it out. Here are a few tips to make an impactful CV: 

  • Put yourself in your employer’s shoes – If you’re going for a promotion in your existing company, then you have an advantage. You know what it’s like to work there and understand the values and goals of the company. So think about what your boss or senior management is looking for. If it’s a new company, get online and do your research. Comb through annual reports, read blogs, or get a feel for their interests and tone on social media.  
  • Showcase your practical skills – As we’ve said, soft skills are crucial, so look at instances where you have used communication, adaptability, or critical thinking. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at work, but it does need to show you applying practical skills to a situation.   
  • Outline your uniqueness – There is nobody else like you, so let your employer know what’s unique about you. Include your interests or a short bio that encapsulates who you are.  
  • Include analytics – As a digital marketer, you know how important analytics are. If you’ve been involved in campaigns, social media posting or content development, what impact did that have in terms of leads, views or sales? Employers want to see the results of your work, so include them where you can.  
  • Show your alignment with the company – Companies want to hire someone that’s happy in their job and willing to stay. So they are looking for candidates that are a good fit. It could be your values or commitment to a sector e.g. charity or FMCG that make you stand out. 

Check out our partner’s CV/webinar clinic webinar if you need help in this area. 

Network, network & network

In any career you’re looking to grow in, networking plays a crucial role. Networking can lead you to opportunities and connections you may not have come across otherwise.

Networking is not an A to B plan, it’s something you need to do continuously to advance your career. We already mentioned social media, particularly LinkedIn as a great place to connect with peers or experts in your area. But that’s not the only place. 

Events and conferences gather like-minded people together so offer great opportunities to network. Events or fireside chats can improve your understanding of digital marketing areas such as analytics, social media or SEO. You should attend events in other areas as what you learn may prove beneficial in a way you never expected. 

To advance your career, you need to put in some thought, time, and effort. These 8 tips should help you to build your personal brand and make an impact in your current role that will help you land that promotion. Good luck! 

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