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3 Things You Must Do to Master E-mail Personalization

3 Things You Must Do to Master E-mail Personalization

Michelle Markelz

Master Email Personalization

E-mail is the leading advertising channel for return on investment, according to VentureBeat. This is good news for marketers, as e-mail is a relatively low-cost way to reach large audiences, but the platform won’t perform without personalization.

By definition, personalization can be as simple as directly addressing a recipient by name, but experts say that this tactic creates indifference among recipients of e-mail marketing and can easily become problematic if its source data isn’t clean (e.g. filling out an online form with a fake name or all lowercase letters).


Experts agree that in the current and next e-mail marketing arena, rich data, sophisticated automation and real-time tailoring are table stakes. Often consumers have handed over all the information marketers need to give them what they want. Marketers must leverage it. Here are three ways to do that.


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Michelle Markelz is managing editor for the AMA's publications.