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3 Professional Development Options for Full-time Marketers

3 Professional Development Options for Full-time Marketers

Sarah Steimer

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Marketers (and aspiring marketers) are constantly looking for ways to brush up on their skills or gain certifications. Marketing News explores three options.

There’s a big “what now?” moment that emerges during many professionals’ careers. Maybe this moment occurs because their knowledge has gone stale, they want an edge on the competition or they’re looking for a new job. For marketers—or those looking to gain entrance into the marketing field—there are numerous options for updating your know-how and résumé.

1. Industry Leadership Certification

The American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) program currently has two tracks: marketing management and digital marketing. The latter launched in March and allows marketers to demonstrate that they have specialized digital marketing skills and are aware of the best practices in the field. 

“This was developed for the purpose of giving people the tools and the knowledge they need to advance their career,” says Christopher Bartone, director of digital content at the AMA. “It’s about career advancement and allowing marketers to take agency in trying to gain an edge.”


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Sarah Steimer is a writer, editor, podcast producer, and yoga teacher living in Chicago. She has written for Marketing News, Chicago magazine, Culture magazine, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette, and other outlets.