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14 Reasons Your Brand Needs Signature Stories

14 Reasons Your Brand Needs Signature Stories

David Aaker

Stories are the way your message will gain attention and rise above the clutter.

My new book, Creating Signature Stories, is designed to help marketing and communication executives communicate strategic messages internally and externally by using stories, a task that has never been more important or more difficult. Customers and employees are often not interested in your strategic message, so they tune it out. Even when they are exposed to the message, they may think it lacks authenticity and credibility. Additionally, . are

Developing and leveraging signature stories provide a vehicle to overcome these challenges. My daughter Jennifer, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, pointed me in this direction by exposing me to extensive research in psychology and elsewhere that shows the power of stories.

Your audience does pay attention to stories, even if they do not process facts. Here are 14 reasons why your brand should be telling signature stories.


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David Aaker, sometimes called the Father of Modern Branding, is the author of 18 books and over 100 articles on branding and business strategy. He is the Vice-Chair of Prophet, a branding, growth, and transformation consulting company.