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Issue and Chapter Deadlines

Journal of Consumer Affairs, Issue on Financial Literacy (1 Jun); Industrial Marketing Management, Issue on High Tech Products (1 Apr); Extension for Book Chapters on Self-Service in the Internet Age (Extended to 2 Apr)


Ethnic Food

Opportunities from Ethnic Diversity: Food Marketing in the Age of Fusion and Fragmentation, A book edited by Adam Lindgreen and Martin Hingley; Chapter proposal deadline 15 Apr 2007


Deadline Changes

Accelerating Market Acceptance in a Networked World (Hotel Deadline now 20 Feb); Business Processing Modeling Book (Chapter Deadline now 15 Mar)



Self-Service in the Internet Age: Expectations And Experiences, A book to be edited by Dave Oliver, Celia Romm Livermore and Fay Sudweeks; Proposal deadline 19 Mar 2007


CFP Reminders

Society for Consumer Psychology (early registration deadline TODAY - 22 Jan); Business Process Modeling (chapter proposal deadline 31 Jan); DSI MiniConference on Service Science (refereed paper deadline 15 Feb)


Social Networking and eDating

Social Networking Communities and eDating Services: Concepts and Implications, Edited by Celia Romm Livermore and Kristina Setzekorn; Deadline: 15 Mar 2007


Online Consumer Protection

Online Consumer Protection: Theories of Human Relativism, a book edited by Dr. Kuanchin Chen and Adam Fadlalla; Manuscript Proposal Deadline 28 Feb 2007