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How to Get Published in Top Marketing Journals

Three leading marketing researchers provided valuable advice for getting published in top marketing journals at the AMA Winter Academic Conference.

Ajay Kohli

Ajay Kohli, AMA Fellow and former editor in chief of the Journal of Marketing, offers three tips for getting published in top journals:

1. Clarify your key insight in a single sentence.

2. Use an extended abstract as a guide to keep your article on track.

3. Find the right balance between precision and brevity.

Michelle Andrews

Michelle Andrews, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University, shares her top three tips:

1. Work on a relevant and timely topic. This makes it more likely that reviewers, other academics, and (eventually) practitioners will be interested in the paper.

2. Remember to speak to the literature. Discuss and give credit to research that has come before your paper and informs your work.

3. Get feedback on your work throughout the entire process.

Rebecca Slotegraaf

Rebecca Slotegraaf, Professor of Marketing at Indiana University, shares her top three strategies for increasing your chances of getting published in a leading journal:

1. Focus on the contribution, including who you want to influence and how you will make a difference with your research.

2. Rigor in the theory, the foundation, and the method and analysis.

3. Focus on the details. Clearly define the constructs at the beginning of your paper and keep them consistent throughout the manuscript. Copyediting can be beneficial, as good grammar facilitates a level of clarity that boosts your chances of getting favorable reviews.