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How Do I Get Started?

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  2. Learn about the exam.
    Review the skills you need to know
    to pass the AMA PCM® Digital Marketing Certification exam.

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    Evaluate your skills.
    Take the free practice exam ( login requried) 
    to assess your current digital marketing skillset and identify areas of improvement.

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    Study for the exam.
    Start preparing with the AMA-approved Learning Path from LinkedIn Learning. This sequence of videos and tutorials will guide you through all of the areas you’ll need to know to successfully pass the AMA PCM®, Digital Marketing Certification test.

  5. Or if you thrive on in-person training, consider attending the AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp.
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    Take the exam.
    The exam is made up of 120 multiple-choice questions and will take about two hours to complete with the option of a 15-minute break halfway through. Answer 80% of the questions right and you'll receive your certificate as an AMA PCM®, Digital Marketer. You will have three attempts to pass the certification exam within one year of purchase.

    • $249 for AMA members and $349 for non-members. (Buy Now)

"The AMA’s Digital Marketing Certification program helped me to significantly boost my knowledge about the many facets of digital marketing, including SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Online Marketing Metrics, and more. In both B2B and B2C, digital marketing is definitely front-and-center within my organization. I was able to put the skills to work immediately and am excited to continue to update my knowledge through this program."

-Patricia Malone, PCM Digital Marketing
Director of Marketing, Sodexo

Resources for AMA PCM® Digital Marketing:

Why Should I Choose AMA PCM, Digital Marketing Certification?

The landscape changes fast in digital marketing. What felt like a new approach in the not so distant past has become an outdated dinosaur of a strategy today.

The AMA, in partnership with LinkedIn Learning has curated a learning path of AMA-Approved courses. The learning path and exam were designed to offer you the knowledge and confidence to conceive, execute and measure digital marketing strategies. Have command of proven and emerging best practices in this exciting, dynamic field.

Show you have the latest knowledge by becoming a Professional Certified Marketer® in Digital Marketing. We created a program that’s as flexible as your schedule but rigorous enough to prove you have the knowledge needed to advance your digital marketing career.

Our certification covers in-demand topics like analytics, social media, user experience, SEO, online advertising, email, content marketing and more.

PCM Certification is backed by the American Marketing Association—the largest professional marketing association in the world working to discover the next best practices in the industry. We’ve created and vetted our PCM programs to make sure you’re equipped with the skills you need to make a difference in your career. Don’t believe us? Check out these testimonials.

What Happens Once I Pass?

First, you can proudly add the letters P-C-M behind your name, showing you’ve put in the work to master digital marketing. We’ll also send you a certificate to display and badge to use on LinkedIn.

But passing the exam alone doesn’t mean you’re done. While your certification is good for three years, you’ll also have to complete 10 continuing education units (CEUs) each year. How you do it is up to you, but an hour long online digital marketing course, or a 90-minute in-person training session or panel, will count as one CEU. Finishing these CEUs helps you stay current and adds weight to your PCM®, Digital Marketing distinction.


FAQs about AMA Certfication

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FAQs about AMA Certfication

Already an AMA PCM? Remember to log your CEUs toward recertification.