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Engage Executive Marketers in Professional Chapters

Identify Your Executive Marketer Community

  • Some chapter members may already be part of the AMA executive marketer community.  To request a list of AMA executive Marketers within your chapter, email
  • If you notice anyone on your chapter’s Community Membership Data Reports who isn’t yet an AMA executive marketer but would probably meet the criteria, invite them to apply There is no additional fee for someone who is already an AMA member.
  • Identify other non-member senior marketing leaders in your area using a value proposition that they would find compelling and engaging. Before inviting them to join, you may want to begin developing programs for this community – many senior marketing leaders need to be persuaded to allocate the time in their busy schedules. Still, they will if the value proposition is clear.

Design & Execute Exclusive Programming

  • Create a sense of community among senior marketing leaders through exclusive opportunities to connect, grow, and inspire.
  • Realize that senior marketing leaders rarely have a platform to engage in person with their peers in a group setting that offers a safe and confidential forum – this is a unique value your chapter can offer.
  • Generate a regular, ongoing program that gathers senior marketing leaders to share best practices, discuss opportunities, and share challenges in an environment that encourages exchanging ideas and diverse perspectives, respectful questioning, suggestive input, and constructive feedback.
  • Determine who you would like to invite to your chapter program and how much you want to charge.  Some options to consider include:
    • Do you make this available only to those who are part of the AMA executive marketer community, do you restrict it even further to executives that meet a higher level of criteria set by your chapter, or do you open it to non-members that self-identify as executives?
    • Do you charge a fee for each event, do you charge an up-front package fee for the entire year of programs, or do you make events a free member benefit?

Provide Opportunities to Share, Influence, and Give Back

  • Realize that many senior marketing leaders like to share their knowledge and experience one-on-one with other marketers who are less knowledgeable, less experienced, and growing in their marketing careers.
  • Offer senior marketing leaders a stage to allow them to share their expertise and elevate their professional profile in the local marketing community. Provide an opportunity to keynote an event or serve on a panel.
  • Offer senior marketing leaders the chance to influence the next generation through either a formal or informal ongoing mentoring program.  Clearly communicate the value of the two-way exchange since senior marketing leaders can often learn as much from those they mentor as what they teach to their mentees.