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Chapter Leader Dashboard

The Chapter Leader Dashboard will equip your local chapter to monitor membership, sales, retention, and trends to support your daily operations.

This slide deck will walk you through navigating the dashboard, utilizing the membership reports, and understanding the data available. 

Click Here for the Directions to Access the Dashboard and Additional Resources 

Available Reports

    • Summary– lists all member trends year over year, current total active members, membership breakdowns, monthly chapter dues, membership type, and monthly retention rate 
    • Member List – allows you to look at member data by membership type and group configurations.
    • Groups: memberships that are grouped by organizational name or other collective grouping
    • Member History: active member trending by month for three fiscal years.
    • Member Orders: tracking of new members by month/week/day + dues generated from those additions
    • Benchmarks: average monthly active member count in that fiscal year.  Also compares against chapters of similar size plus all chapters in professional community

Access Dashboard

Go to:

Click Login in the top right corner

Log in as the community admin for your chapter (see Community Admin Login Instructions and Rules for more details).


Data Security Responsibility

Anyone receiving the community admin login must review the American Marketing Association Privacy Policy and abide by this policy when accessing and utilizing community member data.