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Membership Roster Reports

We’ve created this slide deck on how to navigate to reports in the Community Admin Portal and helpful information on how to filter and understand your Professional Chapter’s membership reports. 

Click Here for the Directions to Access the Reports and Additional Resources 

Available Reports

Active Professional Chapter Members – lists all active members of your chapter. 

Inactive Professional Chapter Members – list of inactive members of your chapter from the last 90 days.

Chapter Membership Order List – list of active members orders. This would give you a better idea of a member’s membership expiration date if they purchased a multi-year membership. 

End of Month Membership Totals – this report does not live in the Community Admin Portal – MY REPORTS area.  This is a manual report pulled of the chapter end-of-month membership total. 

There is now also added ability to access select demographic data for your chapters as well.

Access Reports

Log in as the community admin for your chapter (see Community Admin Login Instructions and Rules for more details).


On the left side of the screen, under the REPORT heading, select ALL REPORTS to see a list of all available reports.


Data Security Responsibility

Anyone receiving the community admin login must review the American Marketing Association Privacy Policy and abide by this policy when accessing and utilizing community member data.