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Membership Campaign

Updated July 2023

Since mid-2020, we’ve been working to overhaul marketing to support the value of our membership. We continue to invest in an always-on digital marketing campaign focusing on the vital role of marketing and the support AMA can provide to keep those skills sharp and relevant. 

In November 7, 2022, we also launched a new monthly AMA Membership Digest initiative.

This monthly resource is all about connecting members with a better curation of toolkits, training, research and exclusive content focused on a rotating marketing theme. Plus, we’ll include a new perk every month that adds something fresh to membership.

It’s replacing the weekly AMA Membership Perks program, but members will still have access to this page of resources.

Our goal in making this change is to still highlight the value of membership with a better variety of meaningful resources to increase engagement with the content and cut down on the number of emails we’re sending.

Word-of-mouth marketing and promotion at the local chapter level are some of the most powerful ways to grow AMA membership. Many chapters have taken to creating their own recruiting competitions among board members, asking members to share stories about the AMA through social media, and when possible, investing a small number of funds in digital media.

We encourage chapters to promote this evolved value proposition and landing page with the new creative assets via all channels to make the most of the campaign.

Membership Assets

These can all be adapted for various marketing platforms.

Please don’t forget to talk about the member benefits unique to your local chapter! Make sure to add mentions of chapter initiatives to your communication and social media activity. They are essential to members.