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AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp

If you’re looking to boost your skills quickly and stay ahead of the curve, the Digital Marketing Bootcamp is made for you. From holistic 360-degree strategies to ROI-driving tactical tips, you will learn the skills you need to keep your solutions—and your career—out in front. It’s one of our most popular events!

Over two days, subject-matter experts will guide you through an immersive journey, diving deep into cutting-edge strategies and execution plans. The series of workshops seamlessly integrate to show you how the digital marketing components work together to drive success. By the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll leave with practical ideas and up-to-date best practices ready to implement.

But the Bootcamp isn’t just about learning. A signature local experience is included in your registration so that you can network with like-minded professionals while exploring the host city. Check out the cities and dates below.

What to Expect

You will begin with foundation workshops, diving into essential practices ensuring you have a full 360-degree view!

Then, you will jump into sprint sessions to apply your new knowledge to your brand and organization.

Collaborate with fellow attendees in speed share sessions to exchange ideas, feedback and innovative strategies.

There are limited seats available to ensure you have adequate time to engage with your instructors and make connections with peers!

What’s Included?

“One of the best professional development experiences I’ve had in years, if not ever.”

2023 AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp New York Attendee

Who Should Attend?

Mid-level marketing professionals looking to gain the knowledge and confidence to take their digital marketing to the next level and the next step in their career.

Please note this Bootcamp will not cover digital marketing basics for beginners.