AMA Academic Council

The AMA Academic Council is a 12-member council that represents the diversity of scholarly interests in managerial, behavioral, modeling, and public policy perspectives with attention to strategic marketing implications. The AMA strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world; an essential community for marketers. 

In support of that mission, the AMA Academic Council advocates for the AMA academic membership and provides stewardship of Academic Special Interest Groups (SIGs), events and related initiatives. The Academic Council operates within four core areas of service:

  • Academic Special Interest Groups | Academic Council offers support, guidance, and oversight to SIGs. Academic SIGs are communities of AMA academic members who are interested in sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences with others in the field.

  • Academic Content & Resources | Academic Council recruits regular contributors who create engaging content for the AMA Marketplace and digital newsletters. It also identifies useful resources to help AMA academic members to succeed in their research, teaching and service. 

  • AMA as Thought Leader | Academic Council works to leverage the tremendous wealth of the AMA scholarly journals, serves as a liaison with the V.P of Publications and partner with journal editors to advise on content related to the AMA Journal Reader​, Article Snapshots, and Editors’ Perspectives.

  • One AMA | Academic Council builds relationships with the AMA Board of Directors, other AMA Councils, and AMA Support Center to create cross association services, certifications and related programming that create member value for the broad AMA Marketing community.

Academic Council members ​serve a three-year term that starts in July and ends in June three years later. In-person meetings occur on the Thursday and Friday morning prior to the Summer and Winter conferences.  A Call for Nominations for members is currently open. The deadline for submission of a nomination is February 19, 2018 for open positions (term of July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021).​​

The Executive Committee of the Academic Council includes is made up of four Academic Council members with designated positions of: President, President-Elect, President-Elect Designate, and Immediate Past President. The responsibilities of this Committee are to set the agenda for the Academic Council, and to identify new members to the Executive Committee and the Academic Council at large.


The 2016-2017 Academic Council members are (from left): Ellen Bolman-Pullins,  Rebecca Slotegraaf,  Noah Lim, tephanie Noble, David Griffith, Robin Coulter, Linda Price, Rebecca Hamilton, Koen Pauwels, Anders Gustafsson. Not pictured: Vanitha Swaminathan and Ajay Kohli.

Current Members of the AMA Academic Council​

Vanitha Swaminathan (Term Ends 2020)
Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing
University of Pittsburgh

Anders Gustafsson (Term Ends 2021)
Professor of Business Administration
Karlstad Business School​

President-Elect Designate  
Aric Rindfleisch (Term Ends 2022)
Professor of Business Administration and John M. Jones Professor of Marketing
University of Illinois

Immediate Past President​​
Rebecca Slotegraaf (Term Ends 2019)
Professor of Marketing and Whirlpool Faculty Fellow
Indiana University

Simon Blanchard​ (Term 2018-2021)
Associate Professor of Marketing and Keith Barket Faculty Fellow
Georgetown University

Satish Jayachandran (Term 2018-2021)
James F. Kane Professor of Business
University of South Carolina​

Ajay Kohli (Term 2018-2019)
Professor of Marketing, Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Chair
Georgia Institute of Technology

Bryan Lukas (Term 2018-2021)
Professor of Marketing
University of Manchester

Koen Pauwels (Term 2016-2019)
Professor of Marketing
Northeastern University​​​

Anne Roggeveen (Term 2017-2020)
Charles Clarke Reynolds Professor of Retailing and Marketing​
Babson College

Maura Scott (Term 2017-2020)
Madeline Duncan Rolland Associate Professor of Business Administration & Dean’s Emerging Scholar
Florida State University

Karen Winterich (Term 2018-2021)
Associate Professor of Marketing and Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow of Marketing
Pennsylvania State University

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Serving and Engaging the Academic Community

Leveraging the AMA Journals

The AMA Academic Council has worked with AMA staff to identify innovative methods for emphasizing and sharing scholarly content with other marketing scholars, marketers, and the general public.

  • Article Snapshots | The AMA now collects authors’ insights at the time their articles are accepted and using this to assemble structured and useful executive summaries, with images, video, and classroom lessons to make journal articles more accessible and promotable to a broader audience.

  • Public Relations Efforts | The AMA continues to produce timely press releases and watch the number of AMA journal articles featured in general publications grow. (JM, JMR, JIM, and JPPM)

  • Scholarly Insights | AMA staff writers now use AMA journal content as jumping off points for regular digital content about current research.

  • MBA Perspectives | A partnership with York University, MBA students are writing about pressing business topics based on scholarly articles from JM, JMR, JCR, etc.

Improving AMA Communications

The AMA Academic Council offered critical advice on redesigning and relaunching several AMA communications.

  • Journal Reader | Reorganized to go out 6 times a year and featuring diverse journal curations from both senior and early-career faculty members.

  • Marketing Academics | Re-launched an academic-focused newsletter with 6 issues annually, now emphasizing broader academic and community content as opposed to simply conference registration (the most recent issue was sent to you earlier this month). 

  • ELMAR | AMA Staff are working closer with ELMAR than ever before to share AMA news and content, in turn driving readers back to the AMA’s website. 

Improving Academic Content on the Web

The AMA Academic Council provided the general framework for identifying appropriate content in the AMA ARC as well as offering advice on specific web-content initiatives.

  • ARC Content Calendar | Vital to the future of the ARC is a new schedule of content that will begin being loaded to the website and a new guiding content philosophy that will ensure this academic content is focused on “Research,” “Teaching,” “Service,” and “Career.” 

  • Profiles from the Academy/Biopics | The ARC will soon be home to brief biographic interviews with AMA Fellows and will eventually expand to myriad other perspectives and individuals that inhabit, support, and inform the marketing academy (department heads, emerging scholars, department administrators, fundraisers, etc).

  • Editor Perspectives | Editors from AMA journals will begin sharing thoughts on the state of the discipline and their journal. These perspectives will be shared in both static (written) and dynamic (short video) formats. 

  • SIG Content | The AMA is now re-sharing SIG-produced content on the web and in digital newsletters

  • Policy Watch | The AMA will engage the JPP&M and policy community to create new digital content and help bring more attention to this unique perspective and its real-world implications. (Launches in January 2017)

  • Award-Winning Features and Compilations | AMA will begin featuring award-winning papers, author Q&A, and compilations of award-winning papers based on topic, year, award, etc. 

  • Teaching Resources | The AMA is partnering with the DOCSIG to create a guide focused on teaching (similar to the Transitions Guide produced last year). (Launches in September 2017)

Improving Academic Conferences

The AMA Academic Council is responsible for recruiting conference chairs and plays a key role in conference content development. 

  • Conference Coverage | AMA staff will continue to build on the new coverage efforts.

  • Summer AMA 2016 New Format | Academic Council recruited conference co-chairs and supported the redesign of the AMA Conference format with an emphasis on (1) can’t miss content and (2) participant engagement.

  • EditorsPerspectives | Academic Council changed its meet the editor sessions to increase engagement.

  • Doctoral Consortium 2017 | Academic Council and staff identified new ways to support for the consortium, including facilitating a revised consortium invitation policy.

  • SIG Leader Awards | Academic Council initiated the creation of a new award honoring SIG leaders

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