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About: Marketing Strategy SIG

Marketing Strategy SIG encourages and promotes the intellectual contributions and leadership of marketing strategy scholars to the broader discipline.  Marketing strategy topics are viewed as those that exhibit the following characteristics: (1) The relevant marketing strategy decision variable has long-term consequences; (2) the marketing strategy topic comes under the decision purview of senior marketing executives (e.g., chief marketing officer, vice president-marketing); (3) decisions relating to the marketing strategy topic involve a substantial amount of marketing resources; and (4) research results change the way strategic decisions are made.  Illustrative topics in marketing strategy research include: market entry strategy, marketing management approach, CRM strategy, brand equity, e-commerce/online marketing strategy, new product management strategy, innovation strategy, competitor response strategy, channel management strategy, pricing strategy, and marketing intelligence systems.  

The working mission of the AMA Marketing Strategy SIG includes:

  • Encouraging and promoting intellectual contributions and leadership of our members to the broader discipline.
  • Nurturing new scholars in the field of marketing strategy and celebrating the best work and leaders in our field.
  • Creating opportunities (both physical and virtual) for our members to interact and to share ideas and their work.
  • Maintaining and selectively broadening the membership base.
  • Fostering connections to and partnerships with new groups and other fields which can enrich marketing strategy scholarship and practice.
  • Elevating the field of marketing strategy to a more prominent position in academic research and in practice.

Our primary goals for the Marketing Strategy SIG are:

  • To enhance the breadth and depth of interactions within the community of marketing strategy scholars
  • To improve the visibility of the SIG among scholars in marketing science and strategic management and practitioners of marketing strategy, and
  • To deepen the impact of marketing strategy research through purposeful dissemination of knowledge and insights in marketing strategy for research, teaching, and practice.

This vision statement emphasizes three key issues: (1) establish stronger ties within the existing network, (2) develop ties with relevant academic constituencies that currently do not participate in the SIG, and (3) disseminate knowledge. Performing these activities effectively would help establish the relevance of the SIG.  Especially critical is the need to make the SIG relevant to the typical INFORMS researcher.  The SIG will continue to play an important role in facilitating marketing strategy teaching as well.  Importantly, it would help shape the research agenda in marketing strategy by identifying areas of critical interest in marketing strategy and by organizing special sessions at key conferences.  

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