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Optimizing Pre-Production Workflows with Transcripts

Optimizing Pre-Production Workflows with Transcripts

optimizing pre-production

Use transcripts to simplify and streamline your pre-production workflow. 

During video pre-production, you and your team plan out every detail of your video project before the cameras start rolling — from identifying the project’s purpose and story, to creating production schedules and project budgets, to preparing all the crew and equipment you’ll need before you begin production.

With so many meetings, brainstorming sessions and chats that happen during pre-production, how can you best keep track of all your conversations so you can reference them later for ideas and insights?

Transcripts are the solution. In The Complete Guide to Optimizing Video Pre-Production with Transcripts, we’ll discuss the benefits of using transcripts in pre-production and how you can use transcription to simplify nearly every step of your pre-production workflow. 


This guide includes:

  • An overview of the three pillars of pre-production: purpose, planning and preparation
  • Why using transcripts in pre-production benefits you and your video team
  • How to best use transcription in each step of your pre-production workflow

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