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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Accessible Submission Forms

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Accessible Submission Forms


In light of COVID-19, people, businesses, and communities everywhere are expanding the reach of their fast-response corporate social responsibility programs (CSR) to implement action and support for those in need. While you may be in a position to help, it is important to consider how your submission forms may be creating barriers for some applicants. If your webforms aren’t accessible, you are likely inadvertently missing out on opportunities to offer support and resources to historically overlooked populations.

Without accessibility, webforms can bar users who need accommodation for submitting. To ensure your submission process is open to all, your organization should consider every step of the form’s construction to ensure anyone can easily use it. Download The Ultimate Guide to Creating Accessible Submission Forms and to gain actionable steps and tips to ensure that your submission process is accessible for everyone.


This guide will help you:

  • Ensure the accessibility of your organization’s webforms to remove barriers that are likely deterring qualified users from your submission pool.
  • When a platform is both accessible and usable, it encourages increased participation from overlooked demographics.  
  • Expand the reach of your CSR program by ensuring your webforms and website is accessible for all users. 

Submittable is a submission management platform that makes it easy to accept, review, and select any kind of content, no matter where you are. Since 2010, Submittable has helped organizations collect more than 10 million submissions for thousands of customers all over the world. With customizable forms, organized rounds of review, and batch emailing, accepting submissions and applications is now easier, faster, and more dependable, all while making things like scholarships, fellowships, contests, and awards more visible and fair.