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Orhun and Palazzolo Win Journal of Marketing Research 2019 Paul E. Green Award

Orhun and Palazzolo Win Journal of Marketing Research 2019 Paul E. Green Award

A. Yeşim Orhun and Mike Palazzolo have been selected as the recipients of the annual Paul E. Green Award for their article “Frugality Is Hard to Afford,” which appeared in the January 2019 issue (Vol. 56, No. 1) of Journal of Marketing Research.


The Paul E. Green Award recognizes the article in the Journal of Marketing Research that demonstrates the greatest potential to contribute to the theory, methods, and practice of marketing.  It honors the S.S. Kresge Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The committee overseeing the selection process comprised Sachin Gupta, Joel Huber, and Mary Frances Luce. ​In recognizing the winning paper, the committee made the following comment:

In their paper “Frugality is Hard to Afford,” Orhun and Palazzolo provide causal evidence from supermarket shopping data that liquidity constraints impede the ability of low-income households to use strategies to save money, such as bulk-buying or accelerating purchase timing to take advantage of a good deal. Ironically, households with limited financial resources stand to benefit the most from these strategies, but are less likely to make use of them. This paper not only contributes to an ongoing academic debate about low-income households’ financial decision making, but also has important implications for policy and marketing practice.

Committee members highlighted the focus of the “Frugality” paper on a segment of the population that is often understudied in marketing scholarship. Further, from a methodological perspective the paper demonstrates that powerful and novel insights can be derived from relatively straightforward but creative analyses of widely available secondary data.

In addition to the winning paper, the four other excellent finalists for the award were as follows:

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Selectively Emotional: How Smartphone Use Changes User-Generated Content | Shiri Melumad, J. Jeffrey Inman, Michel Tuan Pham

An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Retargeted Advertising: The Role of Frequency and Timing | Navdeep S. Sahni, Sridhar Narayanan, Kirthi Kalyanam

Optimal Design of Free Samples for Digital Products and Services | Hongshuang (Alice) Li, Sanjay Jain, P.K. Kannan