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DocSIG Releases 2018 Research Productivity Report

DocSIG Releases 2018 Research Productivity Report

Matt Weingarden

Kelly Hewett Journal of International Marketing

The 2018 Marketing Research Productivity Lists tracking top individual and institutional contributors to the premier journals are now available at 

The University of Pennsylvania continues to be the top producing institution, but this year University of Maryland jumped to the second spot on the premier AMA journals list. Maryland also entered the top five institutions on the premier journals list. It is the first public university to be in the top five since 2015 and the first US-based public university since 2013.


For the third year, V. Kumar of the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University topped both Author lists. When asked about his extraordinary research output, Kumar noted, “As I have said before, my focus is to produce research that I hope will create a significant impact and has the potential to advance the discipline.  The ranking depends on many extraneous factors and my ranking is just an unintended consequence.” 

The second most productivity author changed on of the author-focused lists. Pradeep Chintagunta of the University of Chicago moved up on the Author Productivity in Premier Journals list and Rajdeep Grewal of the University of North Carolina moved up on Author Productivity in the Premier AMA Journals. Both authors ranked 4 in the 2017 listings of the respective lists..

Each year the AMA DocSIG independently manages the creation of the four lists including two author lists and two school lists:

The lists acknowledge the top individual and school contributors to the premier marketing journals and are a powerful resource for prospective doctoral students considering their application decisions as well as those doctoral students who are on the job market. The 2018 lists represent 10-years of publications from 2009 – 2018.

For more information on the lists, if you spot an error or have suggestions for improvement, please email Monica Gerhardt.

Matt Weingarden, Vice President, Communities & Journals, leads the diverse team that supports the AMA’s network of community leaders from its three broad communities and four scholarly journals.