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2018 Journal Citation Report Suggests AMA Journal Impact is Strong

2018 Journal Citation Report Suggests AMA Journal Impact is Strong

Matt Weingarden

2018 Journal Citation Reports

The newest rankings from Clarivate Analytics Journal Citation Reports, which annually ranks impact factors, suggests that the AMA Journals are continuing to head in the right direction. Results released in late June 2018 based on 2017 data continue to place the journals among the leading business journals from throughout the world. 

Equally impressive were the increased five-year impact factors for all four the journals (based on the period of 2012 to 2016):

  • Journal of Marketing – Impact factor: 9.6
  • Journal of Marketing Research – Impact factor: 5.7
  • Journal Public Policy & Marketing​ – Impact factor: 2.4
  • Journal of International Marketing – Impact factor: 4.7

While the impact factor identified in the Journal Citation Report is not the only metric that should be used when assessing the quality and value of a journal, this is another strong indicator that the AMA’s journals continue to offer both rigorous and relevant marketing scholarlship. In addition to the increased impact factor, the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Market Research continue to be included in the Financial Times Top 50 business journals which FT uses to rank business schools, MBA programs, etc. Additionally, the University of Texas – Dallas ranking system continues to use the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research as benchmark journals through which it ranks university/department research output. For more information about the AMA Journals, visit the publications section of

SOURCE: 2018 Journal Citation Reports® (Clarivate Analytics, 2018)​


Matt Weingarden, Vice President, Communities & Journals, leads the diverse team that supports the AMA’s network of community leaders from its three broad communities and four scholarly journals.