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The Insight Discipline

The Insight Discipline

Insight Discipline

The Insight Discipline: Crafting New Marketplace Understanding That Makes a Difference, Liam Fahey details the analysis methods and modes of deliberations required to overcome data challenges and create an insight-driven culture. He lays out the business case for why leaders must emphasize the goal of attaining new insight if they want to gain maximum value from analysis.

The Insight Discipline provides you with a comprehensive guide to what it takes to craft marketplace insight that extends beyond the typical analysis findings. Plus, you’ll see how to use new insight to influence thinking, decisions and action at any organizational level

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A Part of the AMA 7 Big Problems Book Series

At the center of the AMA intellectual agenda, you’ll find the seven big problems in marketing. These are the areas where marketers find frustration, a need for more influence and overall stumbling blocks for being more successful professionals. Our goal is to not just identify these issues, but also help you find solutions to overcoming them. A piece of the solution is the AMA seven big problems book series where we’re using academic research and proven marketplace strategy to go deeper into each topic, so you’re equipped to excel in your career.


Liam Fahey

Co-founder and Executive Director of Leadership Forum, Inc.

Fahey is co-founder and executive director of Leadership Forum, Inc. and the creator and leader of its Intelligence Leadership Forum. He has been a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Boston University, and he now serves as Professor of Management Practice at Babson College.

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