Marketing News: August 2015

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    • Making Connections 

      Making Connections

      For our global marketing issue, the Marketing News team delivers stories of inspirational marketing campaigns from far-flung locations to you.

    • The 2015 AMA Gold Global Top 50 Report 

      The 2015 AMA Gold Global Top 50 Report

      This year, the AMA Gold Report’s global ranking and analysis reach farther to more broadly and accurately depict the range of major players on the global marketing research stage.

    • Accent Color 


      Accent Color

      ​Here’s how to use accents and cultural perceptions to your TV ad’s advantage.

    • Modern History 


      Modern History

      Documentarian Ken Burns is making history via a mobile app.

    • Where in the World? 


      Where in the World?

      The retail adage “location, location, location” is more relevant now than ever before, writes columnist Lawrence Crosby.

    • Differential Gen Y’s World of Apps 


      Differential Gen Y’s World of Apps

      Don Schultz and Varsha Jain examine the evolution of app usage across the globe by zeroing in on the mobile behaviors of Gen Y in India and the United States.

    • Making Up Their Minds 


      Making Up Their Minds

      Columnist Michael Krauss sat down with Matthew Willcox of Foote Cone & Belding to learn how consumer decision-making can impact marketing efforts.

    • Learn by ‘Living It’ 


      Learn by ‘Living It’

      Low-income consumers are the foundation of the worldwide consumer pyramid, which makes it worth global brands’ while to get to know them better, writes columnist Juan Tello.

    • Three Time-Saving Tips for Hiring the Best Team 


      Three Time-Saving Tips for Hiring the Best Team

      Here's how to hire the best candidate who will make your company or agency soar.

    • Executive Insights: Roger Bennett 


      Executive Insights: Roger Bennett

      Marketing News caught up with Roger Bennett of Men In Blazers to discuss the sponsors’ role in the FIFA indictment scandal and soccer’s position in the global marketplace.​​