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Join the American Marketing Association for the 2024 Year Ahead in Marketing Virtual Conference

Join the American Marketing Association for the 2024 Year Ahead in Marketing Virtual Conference

Learn about the trends that are here to stay, 2024 shifts, and strategic best practices

Chicago, IL—The American Marketing Association (AMA) is pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the 2024 Year Ahead in Marketing Virtual Conference taking place Wednesday, January 24 and Thursday, January 25, 2024. 


Meryl Evans, LinkedIn Top Voice in Disability Advocacy. TEDx, Keynote and Professional Speaker

Wednesday Keynote | Progress Over Perfection: The Path To Making Change

What does progress over perfection mean when it comes to accessibility? It means to get started. Don’t wait until everything is done and perfect. The small steps make a big difference. It also means educating people who don’t understand disabilities. Accessibility is for everyone. It’s everyone’s responsibility, every department from human (HR) resources and marketing to finance and procurement has a part to play. Educate, don’t berate. If the world needs more of anything, it’s kindness.

Bennie F. Johnson, CEO, American Marketing Association 

Thursday Keynote | Marketing is…Science, Art, and Magic

How have things changed over the last year and what feels like more of the same in 2024 is the conversation for this keynote. Marketing is all about increasing the dynamism in our world but the constant change that drives innovation can be a challenge. While we aren’t fortune tellers, we can see the role of marketing extending and we need to anticipate ways to bring value and impact to our organizations. As leaders in our community, we also need to look outside of our industry at the impact of new technology and AI, innovative growth strategies, and how we increase and sustain talent on our teams. As our world shifts to fit new realities, marketers also need to get more comfortable with speed and uncertainty in our organizations and work. Join us for a discussion about the new, the dynamic, and the intent of our marketing work. 


  • SEO in 2024: Trends and Strategies for Navigating Disruption from AI
  • Mastering Marketing Strategies with Video in 2024: Uncovering the Latest Content, SEO & AI Trends
  • Secrets to Creating an AI-Powered Content Strategy
  • AI in Marketing: How to Cut Through the Hype and Harness AI’s Potential
  • Customer Intelligence — The Key to Success in 2024
  • Harnessing the Power of AI
  • Scaling Your Business Through Focusing on Demand
  • Measuring Marketing in a Cookieless World


Virtual Conference: The Year Ahead in Marketing

January 24-25, 2024

At this free virtual event, AMA will talk about the trends that are here to stay and what shifts are coming in 2024. Attendees will gain the actionable insights, digital tools and strategic best practices needed to make an impact in 2024.

Registration for this virtual conference is free to all attendees—registration and event information.

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