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AMA’s 2024 International Collegiate Conference to Celebrate and Convene Top Marketing Students

AMA’s 2024 International Collegiate Conference to Celebrate and Convene Top Marketing Students

Over 1,000 collegiate students to build expanded professional connections and compete in annual marketing competitions in New Orleans 

New Orleans, LA—The American Marketing Association (AMA) is pleased to return to New Orleans for the 2024 AMA International Collegiate Conference, the largest collegiate marketing conference. The 2024 conference theme—Ready to Launch—showcases opportunities to make professional connections in the marketing field, learn and grow skills, and compete in several marketing  competitions.

The 2024 conference will be full of engaging experiences, opportunities to make connections, thrilling competitions, and inspiring keynotes. Thousands of students representing hundreds of universities and leading marketing faculty advisors will be in attendance. 

The event is a keystone of the academic year for marketing students and their entry point into the dynamic and global profession of marketing. The Case Competition is a nationally recognized, year-long academic project that offers students the chance to showcase their talents in front of judges who can launch their careers. Marketing students work on a business challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization that provides a detailed marketing problem and is looking to gain the perspective of AMA students as they develop a marketing strategy. The Case Competition is a unique experience for students allowing them to build their networks, and challenge themselves. Additionally, the sponsors of this competition glean insights directly from the next generation of consumers and buyers. 

“Our AMA International Collegiate Conference and competitions are an incredible learning and development experience for top marketing students,” said Bennie F. Johnson, CEO of the American Marketing Association. “The conference, through programming, industry thought leadership, and corporate sponsorship, create a different type of ROI. We are intentionally investing in the future of our industry and profession through our students. We are not only helping to create a network for marketing students but to build a community that will not only help launch their careers but will challenge and sustain them throughout. We are excited to host our AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans in 2024 and to welcome students from around the world to this exciting profession.” 

The 2024 AMA International Collegiate Conference will take place April 11-13, 2024 at the Sheraton New Orleans, 500 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA. 


Agenda and list of speakers is available at

  • Chris Epple, Vice President of Marketing for HARMAN
  • Bennie F. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the American Marketing Association
  • Jenn Bane, author, producer and the creative director of M. Harris & Co.
  • Vannesia Darby, Shondaland
  • Elizabeth (Liza) Goldstone,Account Manager at Google, specializing in Advertising Sales
  • Julia Silverman Dinhofer, Senior Manager, Club Marketing, Major League Soccer

Competition Highlights

AMA hosts several competitions for students to showcase talents, build presentation skills, and position themselves for their first jobs in the marketing field. More about the competitions:

  • Case Competition Finals: The 2024 Case Competition finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete for First Place, in front of academic and industry judges who will be representing The Sheth Foundation, this year’s competition sponsor.
  • Marketing Strategy Competition: The Marketing Strategy Competition levels the playing field for all schools, big and small, to challenge their wit, speed and presentation skills. This one is all about using your knowledge and experience to react quickly to develop a case solution.
  • Perfect Pitch Competition: The AMA Perfect Pitch Competition is a 90-second interview in which you position yourself as being “right for the job.”
  • AMA Sales Competition: An opportunity for students to compete one-on-one against other marketing students and showcase their ability to close a sale.


AMA will announce several award winners at this year’s event including:

  • Hugh G. Wales Advisor of the Year
  • Student Marketer of Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

This year’s Case Competition Sponsor is The Sheth Foundation. Founded by Dr. Jagdish & Madhu Sheth, The Sheth Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support emerging scholarship in marketing which has significant global reach, societal focus, and thought leadership.

In previous years, the AMA Case Competition was sponsored by: PODS, Cotton Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Donate Life America, Dunkin’ Donuts, eBay, Goodyear & Sullivan Tire, The Hershey Company, Kellogg’s, Kwik Trip, Inc., Mary Kay Inc., MasterCard, McGraw-Hill, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, Nintendo, Northwestern Mutual Life, Pearson, Procter & Gamble, UNICEF, and vitaminwater®.

This year, Deloitte Services LP, will also be presenting several workshops and sessions on leadership, the future of social marketing, and business chemistry which is a system developed by Deloitte that’s designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable business behaviors. 

To learn more about AMA’s 2024 International Collegiate Conference, please visit