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AMA and the CMI Announce New Learning Partnership

AMA and the CMI Announce New Learning Partnership

New Online, Self-paced Learning Certification in Content Marketing to be Offered

Chicago, IL—The American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) are pleased to announce a new learning partnership that aims to empower marketers with the latest industry knowledge and best practices in content marketing. This new learning partnership will officially launch at the 2023 Content Marketing World Conference in Washington, DC. 

With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, businesses and marketers recognize the critical role of content marketing in engaging audiences, building brand authority, and driving measurable results. To meet this demand and equip professionals with the skills to excel in the field, AMA and CMI have created this new Content Marketing Certification program. 

“Strategies for creating content marketing change daily and new technologies continually emerge. This dynamic new certification program provides learners with the valuable knowledge and the practical skills needed so they can succeed,” said AMA’s CEO, Bennie F. Johnson. “This partnership reflects our commitment to advancing marketing and empowering marketers with the skills they need to succeed in a competitive digital landscape.” 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with AMA to help educate and inspire marketers,” said CMI’s general manager, Stephanie Stahl. “This comprehensive virtual learning will help marketers advance their skills and develop a realistic, achievable, and effective content marketing strategy.”

In 2021, AMA conducted a marketing skills survey of its community and respondents noted that content marketing was a significant area of growth and/or skill development. This new comprehensive program will help prepare learners for the newly revised exam. The program was developed by Robert Rose of CMI and the team of learning experts at AMA. 

Registrations for the new Content Marketing Certification program are now open. For more information or to register, visit