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Why You Should Care About Candidate Experience as Much as Customer Experience

Tom Gimbel

Marketers strive to create positive customer experiences to attract new customers and keep current ones engaged and happy. Whether it’s promoting a product or service, the goal is to make a positive lasting impression, and this applies to recruiting as well. Marketers can’t attract top talent to their organizations without applying the practices they use every day to engage their customers. Here’s how to make sure that your candidate’s experience is just as positive as your customer experience. 

1. Know what talent you want and target them. If you want the best and brightest coming out of college, then target top-tier universities both big and small, and recruit on campus. Host college days at your office or have an internship program. If you’re looking for experienced, involved professionals, join associations specific to your line of work or your industry, and attend their events.


Creating a targeted recruiting strategy to make your brand and company visible where your ideal candidates live and interact isn’t dissimilar to creating a marketing plan, and researching and analyzing your target market. The best way to get someone to buy (or hired), is to get them to interact with your brand by being visible where they are.


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Tom Gimbel is CEO and founder of LaSalle Network, a recruiting and staffing firm based in Chicago.