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Why Service Culture Leads to Improved Sales

Kevin Kelly

Service culture affects the bottom line. A company’s internal culture must be aligned with external culture. A product or service may be innovative for a couple months or even years, but eventually it will be copied. What then distinguishes a brand? Service.

A brand’s service culture may be one of its only differentiators in a market of ever-consolidating, commoditized products and services. Brands that compete on price alone are racing to the bottom. They must stand out through culture.


Corporate culture, once defined by free food, weekly yoga and foosball tables, is something much greater now. It’s about how a company engages with its employees and its clients. The C-suite is starting to understand that corporate culture must be purposely created. No longer viewed as frivolous, it’s a key part of any brand’s authentic DNA, and if structured and nurtured correctly, it can become one of a brand’s most unique and powerful tools in its marketing toolbox.


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Kevin Kelly is president and founder of Bigbuzz Marketing Group, which he launched in his Long Island, New York garage in 1995. Today, he oversees the agency’s client relationships, develops and innovates its suite of services and provides the creative vision for long-term growth from the firm’s office in Manhattan.