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The Most Popular Mattress on Twitter

The Most Popular Mattress on Twitter

Michelle Markelz

Casper is putting to bed the notion that mattresses are boring social fodder, and the upstart is gaining comic notoriety and a sizeable following on Twitter


As a new player in the mattress market, high-end manufacturer and supplier Casper has relied heavily on word of mouth to make up for its low-budget advertising strategy. Since its founding, person-to-person marketing has been the biggest driver of its sales. Social media allowed the brand to engage with customers while also giving its loyal patrons a very public way to do its evangelizing. 

Casper’s main objective on Twitter is to raise awareness of the brand. Not everyone is in the market to buy a bed—most people buy a mattress every seven to 10 years—but when they do embark on that buyer’s journey, it’s important to grab their attention, says Lindsay Kaplan, Casper’s vice president of communications.


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Michelle Markelz is managing editor for the AMA's publications.