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The Marketer’s SEO Playbook, 2017 Edition

The Marketer’s SEO Playbook, 2017 Edition

Sarah Steimer

seo 2017 tips

Content and coding are the keys to hacking SEO in 2017 with a combination of high-quality content up front and next practices on the backend

There are two routes marketers can take to optimize their websites for search: create the very best content or update the backend of the site so it checks all the right boxes for a query.

Rather than choosing one option or the other, experts suggest 2017 is the year to combine these two efforts. The trick is to have both the best answer to search questions and to do so in a way that complies with the search engine analytics.

Google is the reigning king of query, but many people also perform searches on Facebook and YouTube. Marketing News spoke with experts in these three areas to determine the best SEO practices for 2017.


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Sarah Steimer is a writer, editor, podcast producer, and yoga teacher living in Chicago. She has written for Marketing News, Chicago magazine, Culture magazine, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette, and other outlets.