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The Drunk Shopping Economy Could Be Worth Billions

The Drunk Shopping Economy Could Be Worth Billions

Hal Conick

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According to a survey by The Hustle, 79% of people have made at least one drunk purchase. Marketers should be familiar, as the survey found that 86% of marketers have made a drunk purchase.

Consumers who shop online drunk may be worth $45 billion in revenue per year, according to a survey of 2,000 alcohol-consuming Americans by The Hustle.

According to the survey—titled “The 2019 Drunk Shopping Census”—the average drunk shopper spends $444 and tends to spend on clothing and shoes on Amazon (the platform of choice for 85% of all drunk shoppers surveyed). The Hustle reports that 79% of people it surveyed have made at least one drunk purchase.

The Hustle says that 80% of women shop drunk compared with 78% of men. Millennials also drunk shop more than baby boomers by 13%.


Forbes and Statista put together an infographic of states that spend the most on drunk shopping.

The most likely professions to drunk shop are sports (94%), transport (92%), oil and energy (91%), recruiting (87%) and marketing (85%).

The least likely drunk-shopping professions are writing (60%), art (64%), education (68%), computer engineering (68%) and retail (70%).

Online shops are already using drunk shoppers to their advantage, according to The Hustle, as many post late-night flash sales. The Hustle cites a quote from Gilt Groupe in The New York Times in 2011: “Post-bar, inhibitions can be impacted, and that can cause … healthy impulse buying.”

Hal Conick is a freelance writer for the AMA’s magazines and e-newsletters. He can be reached at or on Twitter at @HalConick.