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Social Connectivity: the New Currency for Brands

Social Connectivity: the New Currency for Brands

J. Walker Smith

Forward-looking brands can get ahead by transacting in the economy of the future: social connections.

There is a consensus among pundits of all stripes that the U.S. is falling apart at the seams. It is said that the country is more divided, more polarized, more fragmented, more disconnected than ever.

This is wrong.

In fact, America has never been more connected than it is today. People are more networked, more engaged, more joined up. The trend is more, not less, connection; more, not less, unification; more, not fewer, social ties.


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J. Walker Smith is chief knowledge officer for brand and marketing at Kantar Consulting and co-author of four books, including Rocking the Ages. Follow him on Twitter at @jwalkersmith.‚Äč