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Plum Organics ‘Do Your Part(ner)’ Campaign Scores Big Brand Engagement

Plum Organics 'Do Your Part(ner)' Campaign Scores Big Brand Engagement

Zach Brooke


“We’re in a crowded category. We’re 
not a huge brand. We don’t have 
$10 million to spend on media, so we have to grab attention.” 


That’s the unvarnished rationale offered by Victoria Fiore, director of brand strategy and mission at baby food company Plum Organics, to justify the company’s latest eyebrow-raising campaign, “Do Your Part(ner).” Equal parts shocking and suggestive, the campaign delves into the very real issues of stress and fatigue that plague new parents. It also happens to embrace a line of thinking that Fiore finds deeply funny.


Zach Brooke is a former AMA staff writer turned freelance journalist. His work has been featured in Chicago magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, A.V. Club and VICE, among others. Follow him on Twitter @Zach_Brooke.