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How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Jessica Schaeffer

Find your next job with social media

As a job seeker, there are so many avenues to start your job search. You can opt for traditional job boards such as CareerBuilder and Indeed; you can tap your network or attend events and conferences to broaden your reach; or you can turn to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are increasing in popularity among job seekers.

If you find yourself perusing jobs on LinkedIn or using Glassdoor to screen companies before applying, here are some tips to focus your job search using social media.


Determine Your Goal

Social media can be a time suck. We’ve all gone on LinkedIn to do one thing and found that 20 minutes has gone by without even accomplishing the task we set out to do. Don’t make this mistake. Ask yourself, “What’s my goal in using social media in my job search?” Is it to find open positions? Is it to create a target list of companies you are going to apply to? Is it to research more about companies you are interviewing with?


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Jessica Schaeffer is director of marketing and communications at LaSalle Network, a national staffing and recruiting firm.